Friday, May 29, 2009

Picture a Day

May 28: This is my oldest daughter and one of our yuuts! She babysat our kiddos to earn some extra money for her Prom :)!!!!

May 27: Wednesday my kids did a BIG no-no!!!! And you can bet I will blog the WHOLE thing once I am done "back-posting" :)!

May 26: Tuesday is weight-in day and I am still LOVIN, they have trackers that help you with things like measurements and water intake and they even graph your progress!

May 25: Monday for Memorial Day we went over to my Pastor's home for a barbecue, it was fun. JJ swam, B.boy threw things in the pool, I jumped on the trampoline and found out I can still do a cartwheel! :)

May 24: My son got a new car :) I wish I had one like that!

May 23: Saturday night my hubby and I went to see our third movie in like a month! The first two were Star Trek and Wolverine, this time it was Terminator Salvation.

(Since we live with family we have been going out after the kids are in bed for the night :)

May 22: Friday's are our Youth Bible Study nights and we had a special ice cream sundae movie night this week :)!!

(Yes the same week I started Weight Watchers, but I saved points for two Skinny Cows, a banana, 1.5 cups of strawberries and 0 point whip cream!!! :)

PAD 2009

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