Saturday, May 23, 2009

Picture a Day

May 21: I joined to meet people with the same interests BEFORE I need help with motivation... and I am LOVING it so far!

May 20: The hungry monster! Cute but deceiving! :) I was reading old WW magazines my in-laws had :).

May 19: If you can't beat it - join them! :) my M.I.L. and S.I.L. have been on and off Weight Watchers for years now and since I live with both of them again and want to lose weight myself... they are teaching me how :)!!!

May 18: Praise the Lord for getting out of the house!!! We went to a water park! :)

May 17: I went with my S.I.L. to get her hair cut - isn't she cute?

May 16: My son stole my camera and took these two photos without me even knowing about it... of coarse I eventually knew, LOL!!! - caught red-handed!

May 15: I went to take my placement tests to go back to school! Finally - now I need to actually enroll in the classes!!! (Note to self - delayed obedience is the same as disobedience.)

PAD 2009

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