Thursday, May 14, 2009

Picture a Day

May 8: This little notebook used to be for my Bible study stuff but I have now adopted it to help me journal for my scrapbook pages :) it's so cute I could resist... and it did help, I journaled!

May 9: Saturday night my hubby and I went to a late movie after the bebes were in their beds for the night :) It was a fun little date and I was very blessed!

May 10: Sometimes I cannot believe how much better I am getting at holding the camera out in front of me to shoot a picture (I used to stink at this!). I also cannot believe that God has blessed me so tremendously with my three adorable little kiddos! It WAS a happy Mother's Day.

May 11: We have had a toy bench that has been threatening death for I while now... but I think it has finally given in... literally - there is a big hole of wood that is all pushed in. The poor stuft animals in there now often get stuck! Darn... time for something new! :)

May 12: This was my two older kids pretending to be Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker :)... their Daddy would be proud :).

May 13: Even better... this is them pretending to be Ewoks! TOO CUTE!!!

May 14: And I think (just maybe) this is a small sign of what I might be getting myself into for this little man's teen years!!!!! LOL!!! (He did this himself too, I just happened to have the camera out!)

PAD 2009

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Alicia said...

Those were cute, my friend!!

Hey, we might be at the Munozs' for Memorial Day! We're going camping, but coming back on Sunday!!