Friday, May 01, 2009

All Packed...

... and ready to go! Yes, the Scrapping Servant is leaving you over National Scrapbook Weekend! I can't believe it - my first scrapbooking RETREAT! I am so excited!!!

And I am so proud of myself to have 24 layouts planned and ready to go with other "extra" projects just in case I finish those! (I doubt I will - but I am hopeful).

I am also happy packing went so well (for these kind of things I can easily over pack)...
  • duffle bag
  • sleeping bag
  • favorite blanket
  • computer bag
  • sewing machine
  • mom's old cosmetic box (the yellow thing - it's awesome!)
  • scrapbook tote
  • 2 - shoulder totes
  • lamp :)

I am sorry I could not bring you along this year and have a blog party - I will miss you. Have a blessed National Scrapbook Day and a great weekend!


Angela said...

Love you sweetie and looking forward to your return and seeing pictures..hopefully LOTS OF THEM.!!

Rebecca said...

I completely forgot it was National Scrapbook Day. Have a great weekend, can't wait to hear all you got done!

Jenny said...

interesting. its the first time ive heard about a scrapbook retreat.