Sunday, December 30, 2007

Scrappin' Sunday

Take a looksie here to see what I am up to...

TA-DA... I think this will be a great day to reflect on all that has happened with my scrapping in 2007. Let's see... I got my MacBook Pro in turn reorganizing my digital photos, redesigning my website and starting my blog.

I completed four client albums. I altered four new items and made tutorials for three of them. I signed-up as a Close to My Heart consultant. I hosted my own blog party to celebrate National Scrapbook Day online, and hosted a crop at my church for the third running year. I altered my first wedding reception centerpieces. I purged many supplies and inventory with a swap, a giveaway and a sale. And I finished about 65 layouts total for the entire year. Wow! That was a lot to look back and reflect on.

TO-DO... I think my only plan this week scrapbooking wise would be to clear off my scrapping area of not-yet-opened toys of my children's from Christmas, and maybe to pick some pictures to print for my son's next layouts.

My craft-related goals for 2008... well, they would have to be...

  • to finish my sons album to one year old (10 3 more layouts),
  • to complete 2 layouts 1 layout for my daughter's second year,
  • to get at least a couple family album layouts done,
  • to scrap a little for my newborn,
  • to alter a recipe box just for me,
  • to get a least one client album done,
  • to finish my daughter's crocheted blanket,
  • to complete more altered item tutorials...


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a great Christmas filled with many blessings from the Lord. I know I was extremely blessed... I actually screwed up on my bank account (surprise surprise at this time of year) and prayed that something would come that I may still be able to bless my husband with a big gift this year. Well God blessed me with $300 that I ended up just wrapping for him in a little box. I was crying when I gave it to him which probably isn't too strange since I am 9 months pregnant now, but he was very blessed too... We only pray that God would bless the givers above and beyond what they can even ask or think. Oh BTW, we are getting him a new flat screen computer monitor with the mula :o)

God is so good :o) Here are some pics from our day...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Pre-School Photographer

My little girl's birthday was a week ago... she is three years old now, I can't believe it! We got her a digital camera for her birthday that she totally loves. I just thought I would share the only two good pictures she took with it out of 60 :o) You can tell both me and my husband squashed down a little to aim for her :o) Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tackling Something Different

...this week I will still be tackling my client's wedding album, along with my crazy children and the housework which I will update you on later today, but late last night I started getting serious with my Christmas cards! Three of them are going out in the morning, lol! The rest need eyelets, ribbon, writing, and envelopes still. Here is what they look like, outside and in...

Recognize the stamp I used from the stamps you all helped me decide on back in June? This one was by far my favorite!


  • I got a ton of my laundry done because I decided that it all needed to sit in the middle of my kitchen! My kitchen is much closer to the washer and dryer and I cannot have that out of sight out of mind problem anymore.
  • Of coarse before I dragged all the laundry in there I cleaned up the kitchen floor.
  • I also (finally) got my front room picked up of the toys that haunt it...
  • I even swept under the Christmas tree!
  • On top of all this I finished my Christmas shopping,
  • got a little grocery shopping done,
  • finished putting together all my Christmas cards
  • another 7 of them will go out tomorrow (I need more stamps)
  • I even managed to stay sane with my kids and play a new board game with my daughter that she got for her birthday :o)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday...

I went away from my family for one night last Friday and this is what I came home to...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Working... and less Tackling!

Well, here are some more peeks on the layouts I have been working on for my client's wedding album.
I am moving right along into their honeymoon pictures....

... and I'm happy with how much I am getting done, but I am also noticing I am falling a bit behind on other things.

  • dishes
  • laundry folding & washing
  • gift wrapping
  • Christmas card making & sending
  • continued tree decorating (we ran out of ornament hooks)
  • Bible studying

This is a picture of gifts hiding under clean laundry that I need to fold, lol! At least it's useful :o)

Okay, maybe I am a little more than a bit behind :o) Though I did balance the checkbook, I did the bills, and I picked up the house. Pray for me :o)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Pics of me with my family going Christmas Tree Hunting :o) I told you it was a tradition in my family... I just can't believe I have pictures from about my daughter's same age this year (see here :o)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More Wedding Work

Well I am still tackling my client's wedding album and I am having a wonderful time doing so. I only have sneak peeks for you right now because I don't usually scan my layouts until I get a good sized pile going. The first peek is of a flower I made out of a special handkerchief from her ceremony.
The second is a peek of the bling I bought just last night, it's perfect!
And the third is of some yummy flowers I chalked, jeweled and "glossed" up.
Full layouts will come in the near future, so be sure to check back.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Scrappin' Sunday

Here's a layout with a picture of Tree Hunting from two years ago. I thought I would share it since I shared my Tree Hunting Pics from this year yesterday... I guess that shows how far behind I am :o) ...Fun and easy page... ink distressed strips of Basic Grey Christmas Paper, some cardstock, ribbon, mailbox letters, rub-ons and wha-la!
If you are also sharing your Scrapping project today, chime in here.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Tree Hunting

We got our Christmas Tree today! :o) I always LOVE to go out and cut our tree down... it's something my side of the family has done for years.
This place is cool because they have a tractor train for my kiddos to ride and the put your trees in this cool shaker thing to get all the loose needles out.
The tree we found this year was an unusual one... it was an 8 foot tree, but it started about 4 feet from the ground :o) The kids liked it and my husband said it was a lot easier to cut down which made me happy... we had a blessed day.