Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lovin the Circle!

Yes circles in scrapbooking is an older trend, and I am not a trendy scrapper, but I don't think I completely missed it??? THIS STETCH is only five months old :) I scrap as I see what would fit with my photos and this one was pretty much perfect. (To get the circle that big - without a circle cutter - I traced a paper plate.)

I liked the flowery accents on the sketch, but I chose to go with a more "manly" approach :)... buttons, brads, and some clear accents from Close to My Heart.

The title was a cute one, but I do often find myself very repetitive saying "I love you" in a ton of different ways in my kids books :) I REALLY DO love them! :)

I did make sure part of the we was Jesus though :) since He is the most important part! :)

Oh and though the accents were "manly" I did use a flowery print paper! But I did grunge it up by crumpling it and inking it! I have a "tutorial" here of a previous time I did that. (Sorry if the photos scroll too fast - I just noticed I should fix that!)

Oh and I did distress some more with distress inks by Tim Holtz and some brown acrylic paint on the photos and the clear accent pieces... I think I like acrylic paint better than regular inks, it's just more work.
But I do have an artistic outlook on scrapbooking, so what ever looks good is what I take the time to do... I am also a social scrapbooker which means I am really REALLY slow :)!!!


L2L said...

This is amazing!!! Really I am just ohhhing and ahhhing over this page!!!!!

JoyScraps said...

Carolyn, I really love how this page turned out. I think doing boys pages are harder than girls and you hit it right on the money! I really loved the journaling! Fantastic!