Saturday, July 18, 2009

Then Sings my Soul - ZAP!

LOL - I really do LOVE this song... no joke!

It cheered me up when I had a bad day. I love that the lead singer looks plastic and his mouth moves like Shirly Temple. I love that it looks like the guitarist next to him is wearing socks. I love that the older chubby guy in the back is totally NOT excited! I love the "rock-n-roll"! I love the ZAP!!! I love the ooohh! I love J-J-J-JesUS!!!

Thank You for being my friend Jesus. Thank You for never leaving me flat. Thank You for teaching me to pray. Thank You for my Salvation. Thank You for always being there for me, even when I am trying to run from You. Thank You for changing my heart. Thank You for using ridiculous things in my life to Zap me :). Thank You for loving me now matter if I am right or wrong. Thank You for loving me even if I waste my time with this silly song :). I love You Jesus!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picture a Day - Catch-up!

WOW! I am pretty far behind here! So now you get to look at my backlogged daily pictures... 3 weeks worth! :)

July 16: Today my P90X workout will be Yoga, so I thought I would share "the wheel" with you! I would love to show you "the crane"... but I can't do it yet!

July 15: Take a look at this! :) I have lost 4.5 inches on my waist and my belt is proving it!

July 14: On Sunday we visited my sister's church. We ended up having my daughter stay with my sister all this week (an hour away) so she can go to VBS there! I miss her waking me up in the mornings! :( But SHE is doing fine - I think I am doing worse than her :)

July 13: And here she is :) I can't believe she's old enough for Vacation Bible School already :)

July 12: I have been so behind on laundry lately... it's not even funny! This all got folded just a couple days ago, and I already have more!

July 11: :) My birthday - it was a tough one because of circumstances, but it was nice to go out with my hunny for dinner :).

July 10: Oye! I think this is proof that I am also behind on things other than laundry! "Just empty the trash Carolyn, for goodness sakes!!!" It also shows you how well potty training was going last week with those full pull-ups and many empty rolls of toilet paper in the trash! (It's going MUCH better this week.)

July 9: Yaaay! The stork! :) My older sister had her second baby last Thurday! It is also the same day as our Mom's birthday :).

July 8: Through all the hard times had last week God is ALWAYS faithful! He always speaks to me with something I need right when I need it... I love You Lord!

July 7: Yep, and there it is! Mommy's bane. I was already struggling with anger a bit here and there last week, but this was aggravating it - lol - I am glad I can look back now and see that I am fine and God carried me through!

July 6: This was the start of our second week on P90X and it was nice to already see improvements!... yes we are doing pull-ups and push-ups! The K stands for Knees and the C stands for Chair, I am doing all of this particular workout assisted, but I plan on working my way up! :)!!!

July 5: Sigh - this is a photo I shot on my anniversary with my hubby. It is and was a happy thing, but just recently it makes me a bit melancholy... but it also reminds me to pray and THAT is a beautiful thing!

July 4: I love the forth of July! This year we went to a BBQ at a friends house that we haven't hung out with in a while (so nice)! She made me this red, white and blue candle holder :). We played and the park and stayed up talking! When we were driving home, on the freeway we saw fireworks and continued watching them out our windows at home... GREAT view!!!!

July 3: I couldn't believe I burnt this many calories! But hey if the diet has me eating 3,000 I am HAPPY to burn 1,000+ :)!

July 2: Look, I had to throw this is in here... my daughter found a random pen and drew this interesting character on a pillow!!! This will be a fond memory through the years when I am changing pillow cases :)... I miss her!!!

July 1: Oh and these are the other types things I will miss finding as they get older. I love my little people!!!! LOL.

June 30: My friend was so sweet! She took me shopping with her and helped me buy things that helped me eat more of my daily protein. This peanut butter Clif Builder bar is my favorite... especially with no other sweets allowed all day! Thank you Jenn!

June 29: Here is a glimpse of why I was having trouble...

June 28: oh too cute!! A couple weeks ago my sister got a new puppy that my daughter TOTALLY loves! My daughter doesn't usually like dogs AT ALL, but this little guy is so mellow and laid back, she couldn't resist! (I think he's smiling here!)

June 27: Ah, this was the day me and my family did the P90X fitness test! It was fun, the wall squats killed me, but we are supposed to get better in 90 days :) We have already made great improvements and it has only been about 15 days!

June 26: (I miss you my friend!) This is me and my Teeny! She put this picture up of us on Facebook a couple weeks ago. It was from the ladies retreat a month and a half ago when she went swimming with me in her clothes! :) (I love you!!!)

... and of coarse somewhere in there I watched So You Think You Can Dance! :)
... still lovin' all the great dancers...
... but I am having a hard time with some of the choreography this season.

PAD 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

Weight-In Wed
Also on this Meme I missed two weeks, but I will update my progress in the end :) I told you last time that I was getting ready for P90X, well today will be my 17th day! And it's been GREAT so far! The nutrition plan that I decided to do that does along with it is a LITTLE crazy, but I am hangin in there :).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Again as I mentioned... this has been a little crazy... the plan for food that comes along with P90X has three phases. The first phase that I am in is very high protein - low carb, it's called the "Fat Shredder" phase... just the name alone keeps me going!... but I LOVE my carbs! I have been eating 5 servings of protein, 2 dairies, 1 fruit, 2 veggies, 1 fat (no junk), 1 carb, 1 snack (not junk), 1 condiment (no junk), and 1 protein bar every day or so for about 15 days now! The nutrition plan is more work than the workout!!!!!

My water intake has been GREAT since P90X! I HAVE to drink it with my protein bar, so that's easy. And it is also easy because in the workouts you ALWAYS have water with you and I drink a ton while working out! NICE!

I haven't missed a day yet.... well, Sunday's are supposed to be my "rest days" and I accidently skipped a day in the middle of the week last week, so I just worked out on Sunday to make up for it... problem solved!

The biggest challenge in my new workout schedule is timing. I am doing this with my hubby, so we do it after the kids go to bed... but they don't always SLEEP when they go to bed. So one of us ends up running up stairs while we pause our routine. We also tend to wait till it is WAY late in our day! We were doing Plyometrics at midnight on Saturday!!!!

The other challenge is TOTALLY the food! Weight Watches for me was way more realistic! But I am shredding fat here guys! (right?) So I am sticking to it!

I am doing EXTREME workouts and I have not hurt myself!!!!!! :) Praise the Lord for that!

Plans for the Week
I need to plan better for the food side of things!!! More preparing all day than at night after I've worked out and konked out!

Start week: 184.5 lbs.
The weeks I've missed....
July 1st: 168.5 - lost 3 lbs. & 0.25 inches
July 8th: 169 - GAINED 0.5 lbs. & lost 1.25 inches (building muscle)
Today: 168 - lost 1 lb. & 2 inches

Total lost = 16.5 lbs. & 10.25 inches

Since I have missed so many weeks of Weigh-In Wednesday it is already time for another month of progress photos!!!

From the first pic to the second I am down 12 pounds... then from the second to the third I am down another 4.5 pounds.

Again from the first pic to the second I am down 4.25 inches... then from the second to the third I am down another 6 inches!
I LOVE visual motivation! It's nice to see the rolls going away!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday

Bad and sad! I made a good friend of mine upset the day before and she later called me in her anger and the conversation did not go well... it was very sad and ridiculous actually. My husband got involved and tried calling her husband about this phone call, but no issues were resolved :(... just both husbands sticking up for their wives, as they should :)... unless someone is wrong.

I also had a hard time seeing this same friend later in the week. I made sure to hug her good and tell her I loved her :).... but only more issues came after this.

So there I am even Deeper into this MESS for another week (the second Monday I missed). Her husband ended up getting even more involved in a very incorrect way and the MESS got BIGger. But this time instead of sticking up for his wife, there was no attention on her, all the attention went to MY husband, ewh! ***Sigh*** Totally wrong.

In the end my hubby tried to make things right, but EVEN in the end there was more confusion and more hurt.

But God is good all the time and I KNOW He has something special planned! I know He is working this for our good.

Anywho... onto the fact that I AM here now :) Not skipping THIS Monday :)
From Daniel 3 & 4 God has shown me that...
  • He will send an angel and deliver those who serve Him from the fire, WHEN they put their trust in Him :).
  • We can yield (there's that word again) up our bodies to NOT worship any god except The Lord... we can MAKE ourselves obedient!
  • He WILL deliver me from fiery trials!
  • He wants to humble me to show me that He is in charge :).
  • My dreams (I've had in the past) are there to show me that my anger is a weapon of destruction. It kills others and destroys me in the process.
  • He wants me to raise my eyes to heaven and bless His name on high!
These were amazing things that God showed me, it's like He spoke to my very soul, knowing me better than I do... I LOVE it!!! Now tell me... what has He shown you?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Great Weather for the Beach...

...or and least for beach pages :).
Join me in sharing your T0-do's and Ta-da's for Scrappin' Sunday.

TA-DA: here is my most recent layout. It's fun from my birthday beach baby about a year ago :) The layout is another sketch from PageMaps, from October 2007.

It was fun to change the bottom scallops to waves, though I am not entirely happy with how they look together.

I also really liked the journaling block position, and my hand-written word with the liquid glass over it.

I liked all the positions of the flowers - though I think I am majorly running out of brown ones!
I think these are probably my last ones! - not good! I guess I'll have to paint the rest brown since I most likely won't use bright green :).

Oh yes - I mentioned back in May that I wanted to start making cards from the scraps of my layouts... well here is one from this last layout.... it's a simple one for me.
But it's still nice to have around in case I need to say Thank you :).

Oh and these next pics I took are part of proof that I finally did the things on my To-Do list running from 7 weeks ago!!!
  • I hung the ledge in my bedroom for my black and white family photos :).
  • And I finally hung my Lighthouse photo from Ikea :).
My room is feeling a little less lonely now :).

And this week, I don't think I am going to set any To-Do's to do, too much to do! :)