Saturday, February 27, 2010

Safe in His Arms

Yet another song God used recently to minister to me in the car.

I didn't even know this band before I heard them other day. I looked for them on Youtube, found the song I heard, then I bought it on iTunes :). It's Safe in Your Arms by Abandon.

Lord thank You that even when I feel alone and distant I really am never alone. You never leave me or forsake me, and I love You for that. I love feeling safe in Your arms. I love thatYou are my safety. I love that You use songs like this to remind me how much You love and how You will fight for me and never let me go. I know I would be lost without You. I know lately You have been carrying me, I know You have been giving me strength and mercy. I've been in a dangerous place, feeling lost in my flesh and trapped in this body of sin and death... but I also know You are my strong-tower, You are my help and my deliverer... so my future isnot dim! The path I walk I always want to walk it with You my Friend, my Love. I know I belong with You, help me to let You guide my steps, help me let You be in total control. I love You, thank You.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Year and a Half Later

... I am playing along with another Meme I was tagging with.

This one is vEry similar to the last one I did. I have to share 6 random things about myself. Ahorne who tagged me posted her 6 things here at The Testosterone Palace. As as it seems I have posted 7 random things and 8 random things before for different tags. The numbers are going down :).

  1. I quote movies in everyday conversations...

    - "What an incredible smell you've discovered!" Han Solo - Star Wars

    - "As you wish" Wesley - The Princess Bride

    - "Maybe I will, Gosh!" - Napoleon Dynamite

    - "No Touchie!" Kuzco - The Emperor's New Groove

    - "Too close, a little too close!" Merchant - Aladdin

    - "Sor-rry!" Ron Wilson, Bus Driver - Sky High
    The list could go on.... :)

  2. I was in choir for 6 years back in Jr. High and High School...

  3. I used to operate roller coasters at an amusement park...

  4. I think dreadlocks are beatiful and have thought of locking my hair many times.


  5. I am getting impatient waiting for the day I can get to my sister's house for her to take pics of my kiddos. Especially when I see how good she is getting - I mean she started with a great eye - but look at how cute this is!...

  6. I just ate a great turkey and salami sandwich, with lettuce, tomato, pepper jack cheese and the most amazing dill pickle! :) That random enough???


Now I have to tag 6 others to share 6 random things.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A new Favorite photo

From my new camera.


My Walk

My Walk Monday


I love how amazing it is to see the Lord's provision.

We got a new/used kitchen table and chairs on Monday.  We have been in our new place two months now.  The first month my husband and I ate either standing up or on the couch while the little ones ate on the kitchen floor :(.  The second month we bought a rectangular folding table from Target that really didn't fit in the space alloted.

Now we have this...

I found it on Craigslist for $250.  The lady bought it 6 months ago for $600.

When I called her number the first time, my hubby was calling on the other line, so I switched over before she got a chance to answer and hoped I didn't hang up on her.  After I talked to my hubby I called her back at that same number getting ready to apologize in case I DID hang up on her... but when she picked up she said she had just walked in the door :).

I was blessed to hear her say that, because I was assuming if she were to be getting a bunch of calls regarding the table set they would all be on her answering machine and I would be the first one to talk to her.  I would have been on her answering machine too - behind everyone else - if I didn't not switch over to talk to my husband on call waiting.

So she told me it was available and I could come get it.

I found a friend with a truck willing to drive for me that SAME night - Thank you Janet!!!

And when I got there she told me she listed her table a week ago and wondered all week why she wasn't getting any calls from interested buyers... till she found out she had listed the wrong phone number!!!

I told her that God was saving the table for me!!!!

A-men! :) Thank you Jesus!

I have been convicted recently to really make my house a home.  To really LIVE in it.  Not just move in waiting till be move out again (because it's a rental).  Not make all the excuses of having to repaint when we leave and my husband wouldn't want me to anyway - laziness and lies!  God really showed me that it effects me (who is home ALL the time) and my family if we are merely existing in our home.  We need to LIVE in it, make it our own.  Mind you this is nothing biblical, it's just something God put on my heart because He knows it will help me and my family.  I am excited to show off what I get done in obedience as I take this step by step.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Scrappin'

For Scrappin' Sunday we share our "ta-da's" and our "to-do's" to keep us motivated each week. Join me...

TA-DA - I got a lot done this week...
I'll start with what I got done off my to-do list.
Well at least the ones I can take pictures of, because I did make my CTMH order and I did learn most of my camera, but here I made one more Studio J layout!

It's one of my daughter's two layouts for her year of being 4 :).

It's always fun to narrow down a year of favorite photos! The top one in the brown sweaters, they were pretending to be Ewoks. The bottom one was from her poising for "P90x pics" :).

The paper and stickease used here are from CTMH's Magic Moments line.

The other things I got done this week are...
  • I chose all the photos for the 2 layouts of my older daughter's 5th year. (2nd half are in the layout above)
  • I also designed a collage to make an 8x10 flip-book out of. I plan to hide it under an 8x10 pic from the 1st half of those photos. It will be labeled "the things you do"... It is her art projects, her silly things, her buildings, her drawings, and her bad things :).

  • I also chose all the photos for the 2 layouts of my younger daughter's 2nd year.
  • I started planning the second layout for those photos with a May 2009 PageMaps sketch...

  • I also got some "Classic" scrapbooking done. On Saturday I went to my S.I.L.'s house to hang out. Here is the first layout...

    Most of the product here is CTMH as well, accept for the lace ribbon, the crystals and the white rub-ons. The line of paper is Perfect Day.

    This is the first time I used the technique to bunch my ribbon up like that, and I love it.

    Another thing I love is to lightly distress the paper after I put white rub-ons down to make them stand out...


    But I only do it with white rub-ons, not any other color.

    MMM, I also like to layer my embellishments. Ribbon, flower, bow, button, crystals :)

  • Here is the second layout...

    Both these classic (non digi) layouts are for my younger daughter's baby/birth to one year album. My other two have their baby album's done. And this one I have 9 out of 22 layouts complete so far.

    The colors didn't come out so good on the pics of these layouts - still learning that camera - maybe I need to experiment with the ISO.

    The paper used here is not CTMH, but I did use my Twilight colored inkpad (favorite) for these letters and some of my distressing. Along with my Garden Green and my Blush, I always find my ink colors matching right up, I love it!


    I used my new CTMH Outdoor Demin marker here - another color that is always perfect that I love.

    These are my new Twilight colored corduroy button brads, distressed with twilight ink of coarse!

    And these are my all time favorite CTMH photo hangers! love loVE LOVE these, maybe that's why there are three :). I also have the names of my three kids on these three strips of paper, but I don't share their names here on my blog so I blanked them out.
I told you I got a lot done :).

Now onto my running TO-DO list...
  1. Make a wedding card.
  2. Scrapbook again this week.
  3. Plan more layouts.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally playing along

I have been tagged by Schotzy from Wings of Eages to list 5 things I love.

I was tagged over a year and a half ago but I bookmarked it and am FINALLY playing along!
  1. I love that I managed to program the universal remote we got ages ago and haven't figured out how to use - till now! :)
  2. remote

  3. I love that my hubby wants to sell a game system and a ton of games before he gets more.
  4. I love that I found a pattern to crochet a cozy for my new compact camera.

    (I was looking on Etsy to buy a cute case, but then I remembered something from my good friend's blog that struck a cord... "Since I’m at at home momma, I think it’s important for me to contribute to our family by making our single income stretch out as far as it can." - so even if it's only saving $30-something from a camera cozy when you already spent $200-something on the new camera... it's a start!!! :)

    The pattern I found was even on another promising blog - Slugs on the Refrigerator - I altered the pattern a bit since I wanted to use the cozy for a camera not an iphone :) but it was simple and perfect! My ring of single crochets was only 15 stitches, to make it less wide. I didn't complete as many rows, so I could make it shorter...

    I also made my closure tab thinner and longer :)...

    I added a snap under the button since my button was too big to make a hole for...

    And I love it!!!)... that's right - things I love - back to the game......

  5. I love that I can order from Close to my Heart on a Tuesday and it comes Friday that SAME week! I ordered 4 times since January and all the packages were shipped to me within the same week!!! :)
  6. I love that I have a husband who is capable of unconditional love.

And finally many moons later I say...

TAG! YOU'RE IT!!! :)....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Camera Coming!

My new camera is scheduled to come today! I'm so excited. I can't wait, I've been taking pics via PhotoBooth for a while now.

I figured since I will probably shoot new photos like crazy when my camera comes, this would be a good time to share my older pics that haven't been blogged yet :).

Most of these pics have been taken with a borrowed camera for special events.

This pic is at a birthday party for my friend of 21 years (she's on the far left)...

These are pics of my kids in our new home...



These are from my daughter's first sleep-over party...









These are from my youngest turning two...












These are my happy potato people...

And these are my boys! :)!!!...