Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A card from Scraps...

I have had it on my heart to make more cards to send to my loved ones and I figured out a way in challenging myself to do so.

Every time I make a layout I will attempt to use the scrap paper (however much there is), since it should already match... and I will make a card out of it! In the same sitting!!!

This is the card I made from the last layout I shared with you all.

These scraps worked out very well because of all the double-sided patterned paper.

I even made myself use some of the rub-ons that I did in the previous layout.

And the flowers too! ... this is on the inside of the card :)

Now if I can just get this habit down, I will have plenty of cards on hand for many occasions.


Rebecca said...

Pretty card! What a great idea to make a card with your scraps - I may try that out too!

L2L said...

ohhhh, I love the three scraps, what a good Idea!!!! I only have brads but I think it would work too!!!!!!