Friday, May 08, 2009

Picture a Day

May 1: This is the "Diva" crown that was in my goodie bag from my Scrappin' Diva Weekend, LOL! Funny - it'll make a perfect Princess crown for my four year old :)

May 2: And this is the Diva Duckie that showed up on our crop tables on Saturday morning :) Now that's just too cute.

May 3: I didn't want to pack up my scrap stuff on Sunday, I still had 19 layouts planned that I could have finished, LOL - yeah right! I am WAY too slow for that! Now I just have pictures printed and layouts planned for upcoming crops at church :)!!!

May 4: When I finally got back online after my fun weekend, this photo of me was up on Facebook, and no I wasn't posing I just love how relaxing that chair is! :)

May 5: My wrist was hurting the week previously and it made it through my scrapbooking weekend, but now it is too mad and needs a rest and a brace :( Praise the Lord my sis-in-law had one I could borrow :)

May 6: My kids had their first dentist visit on Wednesday! They loved it, they were so good. I think they thought it was fun, JJ cannot wait to go back.

May 7: Oh - silly son!... those are my husband's slippers :)!!!

PAD 2009


Shelly said...

lol Love the slippers!

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, I love those slippers your son had on..LOL..

I just can't get over how I LOVE that hair color on your It suits you SO much.

Rebecca said...

Hi, Carolyn!
I haven't stopped by in a while -- love the new look!!!

I love the dentist photos! I thought I was the only mom who got in their kids' faces like that. When my 12yo fell and sliced his face open, I thought about taking photos of it (honesty, I did think about it!) but I thought it would be a bit morbid. I also thought the doctor would think I was really nuts (even though he's a friend and probably already knows I am!). Jess says that he wishes I had taken the pics -- he's such a boy! Keep taking the crazy photos! Your kids will rise up and call you blessed! ;^)

Happy Mother's Day!!!