Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Soul Sings... and Thank you Friend!

Not sure if you all remember but I won a Scrapbooking prize from the Ultimate Blog Party... I just wanted to share with you all that it came! :o) There was some good stuff in there too! A K & Company take-out box, LOTS of Making Memories yummies (which I TOTALLY love), some Disney embellishments and much more... take a look! (Thank you Amy!)

This same friend also hosts a great Meme! ...I am sharing my song for it below. Stand by Me by Ben E. King.My Darling - my Lord Jesus Christ - my Bridegroom - will ALWAYS stand by me, He said He will never leave me nor forsake me!

I love you Lord, thank You! Even through a hard time I am going through now, thank You! I know you are with me, please help me walk in Your strength!

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Fun can still continue!

The party is over ladies.

But you can still enter in the giveaways till TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!

The winners will all be announced in a couple days.

Thank you for celebrating National Scrapbook Month with me.

Hopefully I will still see you around...  otherwise I will TOTALLY miss you.


Monday, May 26, 2008

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday

I've been in my word (but not enough). I visited my Grandma (she is going to be fine). I talked to family about my Grandpa (I guess him being sick was a misunderstanding). Thank you all for your prayers and for your patience, I miss visiting your blogs. Let me leave you with this song that hit me pretty hard this week, I just LOVE IT... enjoy!

Question: What is the hardest trial you have been through to date?

My Answer: I feel like my current struggle (I think with depression) is pretty hard, but I would have to say that my depression and anxiety before all three of my kids was even worse! Praise God that even though I have more on my plate I am doing better! I'm gonna keep fighting! Satan is not gonna punk me with this anymore!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

From my own challenges....

... from the Fabric Challenge on the 13th and Close to My Heart Challenge on the 18th here is what I have come up with :o) I hope you are inspired to try the challenges yourself.
This one of my most favorite layouts yet, I have really been looking forward to scrapping these photos with my son's cute little 3 month outfit! I am happy that I also used some of the techniques from the Close to My Heart calendar...
And this post is the last one for our Scrapbooking Blog Party!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Yes - I had to show you...

... look! This grungeboard is so awesome! Yum, yumm, yummy!
Look I painted, sanded and inked it to make the texture stand out more! I almost looks like a cookie, lol.
Here is one I covered with cardstock, rubbed with a stylus tool, inked, outlined and sanded.

THIS is the pack I bought :o)

This new product is DEFINITELY better than regular chipboard, but it does smell funny for a while... just a warning :o)

Look! - You'll want some too!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Random Giveaway...

... from the 33 names on the Mr. Linky so far I am going to draw a random winner today!!!

You've won a Boogie wipes prize basket my dear!!!  :o)


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I made some new friends...

At first I didn't like him here, he was just sitting and staring, threatening my time and space, I even thought I didn't like his angle... but I was wrong... he ended up being a great helper!
It was nice to have him holding the skeleton of my layout up to see from far away. I could make crucial design decisions and move things around a bit with the help of Maggie (the magnets), then pass it by some more to see if I approve the changes.
I could even remove Matt (the metal Mat) and set it aside (without my layout elements slipping around) and use Fred by himself to get things done in another room with the kids... see the little one in the background? I bounced her to sleep while I worked!
I must say Fred's angle was perfect. I tend to scrapbook sitting and standing at my desk and it worked well for both! It is a bit adjustable, but it doesn't not have multiple "locking" positions. I was also worried about Fred taking up too much space, but really he made more, I had plenty of room right in front of him to get my work done.
Matt and Maggie work awesome together! Maggie is strong, she even comes with felt pads (Patty? lol) to keep your elements safe. Matt is a gentleman also - he saves plenty of room above you layout for Maggie.
The craftsmanship of this product is above non other I have seen! It even matches beautifully with my handmade table :o) The arm to the stand locks nicely in the back when you don't want it propped up. Also there are clips on the top and bottom if you ever want to attach it to another Fred.

AWESOME! I was skeptical at first - but now I give it a 10 our of 10!

If you want more info on this spectacular product visit the FRED website at

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Review for you...

I LOVE it for the amazingly strong hole punches, the silence, the convenience and the versatility...
Yes it took some getting used to and was a little awkward at first, but it was TOTALLY worth it JUST for the quiet hole punches and for the gromment setting!
Looks like I have a new AWESOME hole punch - grommet setter! But I will be keeping this tool away from my soft eyelets!

Still worth it though - I give it an 8 out of 10.

Look HERE for a review video, and HERE to see the crop-a-dile original compared to the sequel :o)

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Since my son decided to drink some body spray he found in a drawer 10 days ago I decided to see what other potentially hazardous things lay within his reach...

Could you imagine what I little boy like my B.Boy could do with batteries, small rocks, marbles, an army knife, tools, hardware from a crib, dice, thumb tacks, potpourri, bouncy balls, and way too many pens!!!!!

I don't EVER want to find out!

To see my progress peek over at 5 Minutes 4 Mom.

Monday, May 19, 2008

"Linky Love" Game

The object of this game is to meet new friends and share the "love" (the linky love!)

  1. Visit as many party goers as you can from the Mr. Linky List.
  2. Comment on a couple of their blog posts (getting to know them).
  3. Then write a post on your blog linking off all the new friends you have made.
  4. Link back - to your linky love game post - in the comments here.

And win this...

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday

Sigh! I am sorry this post is so late and that it does not have a bonus question this week. My Walk Monday this week is going to consist of a few prayer requests...
  • I need to be in my Word, please pray that I would have a hunger... because this morning I found myself unwilling, I hate that feeling!
  • My grandma on my dad's side is not doing well, her cancer is back, she fell and all the tests they were running on her in the hospital were not good. She will probably pass away soon, I cannot judge her walk with God, so please pray for her salvation.
  • Also pray for her husband because (as my uncle says) he will probably pass away not too long after her because he cannot handle being without her.

  • My grandpa on my mom's side is in the hospital too I guess... I have not heard much on his condition... I will update. This man loves Jesus with all his heart! Praise God!
  • And his wife... she has not been herself lately, so I think she is not doing well.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Close to My Heart Challenge

I know I am throwing all this out at you pretty fast... I have another challenge :o)
  • Use one or more of the techniques they are teaching daily this month
  • Share it on your blog
  • link back to this post in the comments

Scrappin' Sunday

This week I think my TA-DA would have to be the fact that I am FINALLY past the annual BIG crop for National Scrapbook Day that I have helped plan for four years running!

We had like 37 giveaways (with only 33 people), 4 make-n-takes, fat goodie bags, breakfast (thank you Starbucks!), lunch, dinner and desert!

I hope everyone was blessed, I shared photos of them doing make-n-takes and hoped to share Tutorials of everything we did that day for my party online, but my camera died!!! I know AHHH!!! Kinda ran my schedule right off till now... hopefully I will be back on track by tomorrow morning! Here's some photos of last years celebration (since my camera didn't die then, lol!)...

And here's my rolling list of TO-DOs... :o)

  1. Gain some scrapping sanity after helping with my last crop!
  2. Finish the Fathers Day Card Tutorial
  3. Finish the layout with my son's clothes for the online party layout challenge
  4. Make a Tutorial for my friend Melita's make-n-take from Saturday
  5. and another Tutorial for my friend Jenn's make-n-take from Saturday
  6. Choose photos to print for my Daddy and Mommy
  7. Meet with a new client for her wedding album
  8. Plan a display album for a friend?

Now for and old Bonus Question from the Sunday Scrappin' Site...

What are your favorite crafts sites?
I would have to say TwoPeas since I go there so often, Prima's Blog, Making Memories Blog, and I think two of my newer favorites (that you cannot find on my sidebar yet) are ScrapDragon, and FaithSisters.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stampendous Fathers Day Card

This tutorial was a design taken straight from Stampendous' stamp catalog... I just loved the card so much, I had to show you all how to make it!

Now get your supplies ready:

1. Take your main card color and cut it to 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" (mine is 8 1/2 x 11" cut in half).

2. Fold it in half and ink the edges (I used nutmeg Bazzill and Chocolate CTMH Ink).

3. Take a second color and cut it just a bit smaller than your card (I used green at 3 7/8 x 5 1/8")

4. Take a third color and cut it smaller than your second (I used tan at 3 9/16 x 4 7/8")

* I am only telling you measurements after the fact, since I usually "eye ball" everything.

5. Be sure to ink your edges....

6. Take your second and third colors, adhere them to each other, then tie your ribbon to the top.

7. Cut a 1 1/2 x 4 1/4" strip and ink it for your title's mat.

8. Cut another strip with a new color to 3 9/16 x 1 1/4" for your title.

9. Stick all your papers down and Stamp your title.

10. Take some mini clothes pins and ink them.

11. Take scraps of your three accent colors and stamp backgrounds on them like so.

12. Then stamp the outline to your ties.

13. Cut your ties out with scissors.

14. Use the clothes pins to clip them to the ribbon at the top.

... And WAH LA! Cute isn't it!?

PS... you do not necessarily have to use this stamp set - this is a great design template for any theme, color or celebration... I hope to show you more cards in the future using this tutorial that have nothing to do with Fathers Day or stamping at all to show you the versatility.


~ copywrite to stampendous ~

I'm here ladies...

... at my friend's church's crop to celebrate National Scrapbooking Month!

I will share some pictures for now, but I will also be sharing another tutorial later!!!

This is the BIG day I have been planning for for a while now, I am CRAZY busy, so please bear with me on the lateness of my posts.

SOOO much fun... I LOVE spoiling people with yummy scrapbooking goodies!