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Friday for Friends- Automobile Meme

Sometimes on Fridays I try to remember my friends in the blogoshere, either by playing along when they tag me (like today) or just by blogging something with them in mind. This really helps me share some Linky Love as well.

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Kimberly at Altering Life started this Meme and tagged me over a year ago and I am just playing along now. When she tagged me I saved the post knowing I would eventually do it, so here I go... this was a fun one.

Here are the rules...
  1. List all the vehicles you've ever owned, including photos. (I googled mine)
  2. Tag four other people. (Don't forget to tell them you tagged them)
Simple huh?

#1 - I can't remember if my hubby still had this car when we were married, but I know he had it when we knew we belonged together :). I really liked this car, the long front end was perfect for my long/tall 6ft 3" hubby.

It was a 1984 Buick Riviera...

#2 - Then my hubby ended up driving around in my car that was like a matchbox to him. This was my first car. My uncle gave it to me in high school before I could even drive. I'm pretty sure my dad put off teaching me because he wanted to use my car and did not want to hand it over. So I got my friend to teach me after I turned 18 - I got my license - I showed my dad and took my truck from him.

I couldn't find the pictures we took after someone hit it while parked out in front of our house. But I did find a scrapbooked paper piecing of it from my honeymoon album :)

This was our little 1989 Toyota pick-up...

... yes someone hit our PARKED car! God totally used it for good though. We were pregnant with baby number one and this car obviously had no room for a carseat!
We needed a different car and were praying for exactly that - a "different" car. So God - with His sense of humor - let this car get totaled so we could use the money from it to buy a "DIFFERENT" car :). Be careful what you ask for. It was a great truck - thank you Big R!

#3 - Obviously this is the car we bought in place of the totaled pick-up truck. It belonged to my sister-in-law. Totally perfect timing, she was looking to sell it and our truck money gave her the perfect amount. This was our first "family car" :).

It was a 1997 Mercury Sable...

#4 - While we had the previous car we got pregnant with baby number two and eventually number three. We decided we needed two cars. So we prayed for "another" car. Well... I told you before - God and His sense of humor - be careful what you ask for! He gave us "ANOTHER" car. This one came from friends who had it on their heart to GIVE us their car, totally God!!!

Another 1997 Mercury Sable (just a different color - lol)...

... we got rid of the white Sable back in 2008 and just this week got rid of the blue Sable as well.

#5 - Back in February of this year - when our blue Sable was giving out on us - we went and bought our first newer car! We needed a bigger car anyway, with baby number four on the way soon, not everyone would have fit in the Sable together.

We got a 2009 Chrysler Town and Country...

... this being my first van I was really afraid I would miss my trunk, but the back here is actually one of my favorite parts. It's nice and open so I can still see and talk to the kids, but it is also not closed in where I am prone to using it as a trash can!!!

... but my WAY favorite part is the fact that we can practically turn this thing into a pick-up! The second and third row seats all go into the floor! My hubby actually picked up a used tv armoire for me with the van - I LOVED it!

Only 5 cars on my list over an eleven year span. You're right Kimberly my list is smaller than your 12 car list! :) Ps. I loved your husband's little LeCar, LOL!!!!

Now onto tagging others to play, shall we?
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Oops - I tagged one too many - well maybe that will make up for being a year late!

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I also wanted to add some photos from our new van experience. I may not have pics of my cars, but I have pics of the people in them :).

This is my daughter the night we bought the van being pre-occupied with gum and a giant balloon...

... and my son being pre-occupied with paper :)...

... other my younger daughter being pre-occupied with Daddy :)!...

... and Daddy being pre-occupied with me?... no - I am happy he's still smiling at me at this point... with all the attitude he puts up with! Sorry hunny and thank You Lord for a patient, understanding (and cute) husband...

Here's JJ on our way home in the new Van - way in the back - she seemed kinda lonely...

Here's our silly boy happy to be in his new seat...

And Mini was excited too...

This is Daddy in the new van about a month after we got it on our way home from Jr. High Winter Camp...

And here I am on my way to my sister's house with the kids :)...

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Added for some laughs...

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My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday

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I went on a ladies retreat this weekend :). It was kinda amazing! Probably between me and the Lord, it was the best I have experienced thus far, and I think I have been to at least six.

The theme for this retreat was "It's Time". And the main verse was Isaiah 30:15 (and I LOVE Isaiah) "In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength."

God really did have this time set apart to show me something different; really show me it's time for change, or maybe even time to be "useful" again. In the past - at the past retreats I have been to - I have always gone knowing that God was going to "deal" with me there. Like I would go knowing I was going to get reprimanded and disciplined! Before this retreat I did not have that feeling at all and it was kinda weird. I actually didn't know what to expect other than the Lord meeting me there as He always does.

Considering one of the first things He showed me there was Mark 6:31 "Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while" I really felt like this was not going to be a time for "spankings" but a time for blessings.

He did show me some negative things about myself, but they were all things I already knew and was trying to work on. But He had a purpose. He was kind and quick with the negative stuff... He wanted to take me straight to the obstacles. He wanted to show me what would hinder me from what else He wanted me to see.

I saw my excuses like the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4:11 and He told me John 11:9 "Are there not twelve hours in the day?".

He showed me my YEARS of rebellion that He is restoring... "the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the creeping locust, the stripping locust and the gnawing locust" - Joel 2:25. Then He showed me how He loved me and wanted to use me in Isaiah 42 : 6-7 "I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness, I will also hold you by the hand and watch over you. I will appoint you as a covenant to the people, as a light to the nations to open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon and those who dwell in darkness from the prison."

He showed me I am not always consistent or faithful, but He is working some fruit into my branches!

He showed me that I have been willing and impressed on me that "it's time" to move along. He just wants me to "fix my eyes on Him" (Hebrews 12:2), and firmly grasp His will. He wants me to live wisely and see what He will for me is (Ephesians 5:17). He wants me to commit my life into His hands as Jesus did His Father's on the cross (Luke 23:46).

I really felt so sweet on Him all weekend and He told me "If you love Me, keep my commandments" John 14:15.

He wants me to be active and obedient. He wants me to to advance in the battle! He wanted to show me His plan and does not want me to have a plan to fail as I have in the past. The past when I said "No! I will not walk in it" (Jeremiah 6:16) - Isaiah 30:16 "you said, "No, for we will flee on horses," Therefore you shall flee! "And we will ride on swift horses," Therefore those who pursue you shall be swift."

* * * He showed me a vision of what it looks like to NOT be willing to lose your life to gain it (Luke 9:24). (I thought I would attach a picture of a corpse, but when I googled it I thought it would be too R rated for my blog. But this was a very R rated vision!) Our "life"/a dead, mauled, broken, bleeding corpse is chained to us - wrist to wrist. This is the "life" we choose not to lose or let go of. Jesus has already unchained us willingly many times over when we come to Him in surrender, but we always go back and lock ourselves in again. When we drag this corpse with us the chain damages our wrist, we get wounded to the point where our skin is broken, we are bleeding, and infected. Sometimes we are so stubborn in our delusion of letting ourself finally be free from this "life" that we are actually much worse off. Not only are be broken and infected from dragging this around so long, but now when we are trying to be unchained "willingly" we are chopping off limbs from this nasty, smelling, bloody corpse and we are CHOSING to carry them around with us!!!


During one of my quite times with Him that I spent outside He had an eagle soaring past me, round and round, back and forth, effortlessly. He told me THAT IS WHAT HE HAS PLANNED FOR ME! "They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary" Isaiah 40:31.

He told me His Spirit is upon me. He wants to use me to preach good news. He has promised not to waste my broken heart, but wants to work through me to help others heal. To proclaim freedom for the captives through Him who set me free from my darkness, from my prison. To show His love, to comfort those who mourn, grieve and sit in despair.

He is my righteousness. He promises to rebuild the ruins and restore the devastated years in my life. I will minister to my God. He will provide for me a double portion, and instead of disgrace I will have an inheritance. Everlasting joy will be mine and my children will be blessed.

"I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God. For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness" Isaiah 61:10.

"In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus" Romans 6:11.

Recipe Box Workshop

In June at my home I will be teaching how to make this...

recipebox1 recipebox2

recipebox3 recipebox4



recipebox7 recipebox8 recipebox9 recipebox10 recipebox11 recipebox12

FUN! :)

Scrappin' Sunday

For Scrappin' Sunday we share our "ta-da's" and our "to-do's" to keep us motivated each week. Join me... even though I'm a little late :)

TA-DA - I went on a ladies retreat with my church this weekend... it was a totally AWESOME time with the Lord and friends. I taught a workshop on Saturday for a free-time activity while I was there. It was the Altoid Tin Mini Album I posted.

This made a lot of my to-do list last week having to do with this event :). So I obviously DID get it all done. I got all 23 kits packed and I only have 7 left-overs...

That was exciting to me since I had no idea how many of the 30 or so ladies would be interested :).
ladies1 ladies2 ladies3

I even was able to finish altering the Recipe Box I want to teach for another workshop at my home in June. I was glad because I wanted to show them so they could sign-up to learn if they wanted to.
Pics of that Box are HERE if you want to see.

Now onto my running TO-DO list...
  1. Get invitations out for Recipe Box Workshop.
  2. Add "extras" to my printed Studio J layouts and get them in the albums.
  3. Make a wedding card.
  4. Journal on old "finished" layouts.
  5. Plan more layouts.

The stuff I finished from last week...
  1. Make sign-up sheet.
  2. Get Altoid Tin tutorial online.
  3. Finish getting kits ready for workshop.
  4. See what's missing for workshop and get supplies.
  5. Alter Recipe box for June workshop.
  6. Pack for workshop and retreat.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Altoid Tin Mini Album

This is the project I am teaching in a workshop today at the ladies retreat I am at :).
If you are planning to do this project please read the directions through once or twice to get a good idea of things before you dig in... and have FUN!

1. Buy some Altoids.
(I preferred the teal "wintergreen" tin over the red "peppermint" for this particular project :).

2. Empty the mints and dust the tin out.

3. Cut two 15" strips of ribbon....
... and one 3" strip.

4. Cut one paper 2-1/4" x 3-5/8" for the top of your tin.

5. Cut one paper 2-3/16" x 3-9/16" for the bottom of your tin.

6. Cut two papers the same size as Step 5 for the inside-top and inside-bottom.
(I made my inside-bottom color the same as my "accordion" page colors in Step 7.)

7. Cut twelve 2-2/16" x 3-1/2" papers for the "accordion" pages.

8. Round all the corners to all those papers you just cut... and ink/distress the edges if desired.

9. Stick your two 15" ribbon strips to the back side of 6 of your "accordion" papers, just above or below where your corners are rounded. (I used Terrifically Tacky Tape.)
Leave a teeny bit of room in between each paper so the ribbon can fold...
... leave about 2-1/4" of ribbon out on the left to go under the inside-bottom piece of your tin (from Step 6)...
... and end the right side before your paper ends, you don't want this to stick out.

10. Start sandwiching your other 6 "accordion" papers down.
(I used more Tacky Tape to insure the ribbon stuck. But I also used a gluestick to make sure all the edges of the paper were sticking to each other. The gluestick really only works for paper to paper.)

11. While my glue dried I worked on the embellishment for my lid.
Be sure to do this BEFORE you stick anything permanently!!!

Notice my edges are inked (from Step 8) and I have a big brad in... which I would not be able to do if the paper were already stuck down...
... my flower is made of three 1-1/4" folded (and inked) circles...
... with a big, fun brad stuck through the flower and the paper.

12. After possible embellishments, inking or distressing... you can stick your top paper down...
... as well as your bottom paper...
... and the inside-top paper. We don't do the inside-bottom till Step 15.

13. Now you can start decorating your pages! :)...
... not forgetting your "end" or inside-bottom page (from Step 6).
This page sticks to your ribbon after about a 1-1/4" gap...
... also remember that your "last" page on the right will have the 3" ribbon (from Step 3) hanging off the edge for a pull...
... then there is still the back side - don't forget to decorate the back side!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*If you happen to be making one of my exact kits... you will notice each one of your little decorative pieces is numbered for each page (13 total). It might also have red dots in the corners to indicate a corner to round... or a red squiggly line to indicate a paper edge to be torn (look-up paper taring HERE - step 2 only)...
... here are your pieces for page 1.

Just take your numbered pieces...
group them together
then tare or round accordingly
ink the edges if desired
and stick them down as you see in the following... ... ...
AltoidAlbum28 AltoidAlbum29

AltoidAlbum30 AltoidAlbum31

AltoidAlbum32 AltoidAlbum33

Page 7 is a little special... be sure to sandwich your 3" ribbon and the back of your brad in between the papers so nothing sticks out either side...


Notice the back side of Page 7 is... Page 8 and you see no proof of ribbon or brad...
AltoidAlbum35 AltoidAlbum36

AltoidAlbum37 AltoidAlbum38

AltoidAlbum39 AltoidAlbum40

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When you get to the page after the ribbon gap be sure to leave it blank. This is the inside-bottom page that will eventually stick the ribbon down to the bottom of your tin and hold all your pages in place...

14. Add personal embellishments and photos.
Maybe some rub-ons...
... maybe a Bible verse like me :).

15. After all your pages are totally complete...
Generously adhere your ribbon and the "end" or inside-bottom paper to the inside bottom of you tin :).

16. As if all that wasn't enough... if you are a ribbon lover like me on an altered project... We NEED to add some ribbon! This will help hide the printed date on the tin without more paper and adhesive.

Just stick some ribbon through the tiny holes where the tin hinges...
... and tie it in a knot leaving the ends sticking out...
... then tie more ribbon in knots onto the first ribbon you tied through the holes, leaving their ends sticking out as well. MMM - isn't that yummy?!?!...

Now you have your finished product!!!

I know it seems like I lot of steps. But just because I am thorough does not mean it's hard... this was a FUN and easy one, trust me! :)

And as always if you follow this tutorial take pics of what you made and share them here with a link in a comment below. Or if you cannot share pictures just leave me your feedback :).

Take care and God bless.