Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Weight-In Wed

Here I am again mid-week telling ya'll how I'm doing.  I would be happy for more comments if anyone's out there, or maybe if some of you want to join in? :)

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So how is everything going?

My Goals
  • Weigh 158 by May!  (9 months on - 9 months off)
  • Finish 90 days of P90X also scheduled in May.

I had a difficult day yesterday when we were at youth group.  I brought salad that I ate, but I also had 2 pieces of pizza, like 4 pieces of french bread with pudding in it and a small chocolate cupcake!!!  For shame! lol  One of each of those things would have been better, but what is past is past, now I...
... "Reach forward to what lies ahead" - Phil. 3:13

Again - I have not made it to 8 cups a day!  Why is this so hard for me?


I am now in Week 2 of P90X and it's feeling pretty good!  I am burning a good amount of calories and I think I am already seeing a difference in my overall shape :).  No pictures till 30 days though :).

  • 'Yoga X' was pretty hard last Thursday.  I made sure my knees were off the ground this time for every upward-dog position!  Yaay!  I can't wait to find my sweet spot in the crane balance pose!  I want it so bad!  And just to stay standing on one leg the whole time during "standing splits" is going to be my goal!
  • 'Legs and Back' on Friday felt great!  I remember doing the first set of wall squats, I was feeling the muscles in my legs thinking "wow they are there!" yaay!  I felt strong that day.
  • 'Kenpo X' was actually more fun and a little easier than I remember doing in the past.  But I couldn't remember that is was THIS DVD that keeps you moving with all the jumping-jacks and X-jumps in between!  Maybe I need to BRING IT more this Saturday to be more sore this Sunday :).
  • Sunday I did not do 'Stretch X' as we went out for Valentine's day :).  But we did end up dancing for about an hour, we were sweaty, so I know that was a good alternative! :)
  • 'Chest and Back' on Monday was a little disappointing at first because I really want to be better with deeper push-ups (on my knees) and more reps on pull-ups (with a chair), but when we went back to repeat movements I was proud to have up'd my numbers by 2 on all the ones I could do!
  • 'Plyometrics' yesterday was hard on my knee, which is still a little sore today.  My heart-rate didn't go too high which felt nice.  My lungs were still sore afterwards, so I know it was a good workout!
  • Last week I forgot to update on 'Ab Ripper X'!  This we do 3 times a week on all our lifting days, not on our cardio days.  So I have already done it 5 times with no update!  The first 4 moves I have to PUSH myself to do 20 reps when we are supposed to do 25, and BOY do they hurt!  Most the moves I modify just to get them done, like holding my calves up a little with my hands, or only lifting one leg when we go to the side.  I hate that something in my back pops every-time I do "hip-rock and raise", but I'm glad it doesn't hurt.  I do like Ab Ripper X since it attacks my biggest "problem area", so I really try to push myself to my best!

I am still struggling with balance.  I don't want my priorities to be off.  If I can make time for this in my life, I should be able to make time for other things as well.  This just happens because I want it so bad.  Lord help me to be determined in more things than this!

I am on week two with no feelings of wanting to skip a day or give up yet!  That is pretty tremendous for me!

Plans for the Week
Straighten my priorities to be a determined person in all things!

This is a picture back from July of 2009 when I was about 5 pounds less than what I weigh now.  I still wear these jeans (baggy) and this belt, but I am not using that flower hole yet.

This will be a smaller first goal for me :)  Baby steps.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Weight loss Plan

Weight-In Wed

:) Okay so now that I am out of "my cloud", last week I started watching my weight again.

In case you haven't been reading, here is...

My Back Story:
In May 2009 I was 185 lbs (highest ever).
I got down as low as 158 lbs in December 2009 (27 lbs lost in 7 months).
Then I got pregnant and went up to 185 lbs again :) a good gain.

I was done making excuses before and am not going back! No more poor eating habits and excess weight. I want to be healthy and LIVING when it is my turn to be a grandma!

My Goals:
My all time goal is to get down to 130(ish) - I'll start to see what is reasonable when I get there.
That is a 40 lb loss, reasonably by December of 2011 when I stay on track.

My first goal will be to hit my pre-pregnancy weight first though :)  158 lbs by May!  When I hit that first goal my planned reward is a pair of new jeans!

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So how's everything going?

I am following the old Weight Watchers program on my own from home.  I randomly decided to start in the middle of the week because I figured five days of good habits for one week was better than none :).  I am glad I did!

More than before is always better - this is always a struggle of mine.

Didn't happen last week.  I am going to work on a tangible home schedule/routine to follow with exercise on there!

What was hard last week was dealing with my own attitude. When I want to change and get better but others don't, it bugs me.  I know I cannot force good habits on others.  I have been praying that I would see how selfish I am to not take care of myself, so as to not push my own personal conviction on others :(.

It was a good week, even though it wasn't technically a full one.  I was happy also to do well even though we had gone out to eat a couple times.  It is always nice to know you could make good choices while you are out, but it is another thing all together to actually DO IT! :)!

Plans for the Week
More water.  Exercise.  Set up a schedule/routine and follow it!

I took some new "start" weight photos today!  And I was brave this time, but I won't share the full shots till I get some better after shots going! :) I was a little encouraged by the Biggest Loser I think!

So ideally I would like to see less around the tummy - front, sides and back.
But on top of that (good Lord willing) I would also like to have less on my arms and neck too.