Friday, May 01, 2009


I arrived to my scrap retreat with my friend at just about 3pm. We left around 1pm, stopped for lunch, a case of water, starbucks and some dinner for that night. It was nice and sprinkley when we got there so it was fun to unpack our cabin things and our crop things in the rain :) not to mention up hills :).

We were blessed, they had cute little goodie bags for us with a cube make 'n take, some chipboard letters in the initial of our first names, a scrappin' diva cup and a diva crown... even later came a diva - rubber duck :).

My 3 friends and I pretty much got there around the same time and we all quickly set up our things and got started. My first thing to do was go thru my photos (over 100 of them) crop and organize them into piles of different layouts that I had already planned at home :)... so glad I did that!

After all my organizing I think I finished two layouts that night (yes I am very slow).

My friend Jenn and I stayed up till 5am! On our way to our cabin we saw a frantic dear - we walked a little faster - and we we got there the door was locked - luckily there was another way in that was not locked. We know there must have been others already in their deep sleep by the rattling rate the snoring was already reaching, so we both chose to sleep comfortably with our iPods in our ears :).

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