Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scrappin' Sunday

TA-DA... Yes I got some of my to-dos done from last week - are you proud?

Here are my favorite photos of JJ's 2nd year...

And here are my favorite's of B.Boy's 1st year...
If you want to see the photos chosen for my daughter's 1st year CLICK HERE, and if you want to see the layouts that became of them CLICK HERE.

And here is my running TO-DO list that I will update through the week until next week! (Next week will be exciting for Scrappin' Sunday because it is National Scrapbook Day next weekend!!! - and I am going to my sister's house for my first overnight crop!!!)

  1. put together my Rusty Pickle make-n-take for National SB Day
  2. finish an engagement invitation for a family member
  3. plan layouts with JJ & B.Boy's pics and get the photos printed
  4. meet with a new client for her wedding album
  5. plan a display album for a friend
  6. and a simple mother's day album for my mom

I've decided to keep a rolling list from now on of things I would like to get done scrap-wise to keep myself accountable. And what I mean by rolling list a lot of it will probably "roll" on for a couple weeks until it gets crossed off :o)

  • Now onto this week's Bonus Question: Do you buy patterned paper just because you like it, or because you have something specific in mind?
    • I almost always have something specific in mind! Like this week I will go out and use my free $20 at my local scrapbook store knowing all of the layouts I have planned for this weekend. I will need girlie paper, boy paper, and baby paper, I will also have specific colors and patterns in mind knowing the photos.
    • Of coarse there are always those times that I know I will use cute paper like at THIS LINK - pages 13, 26-29, 41, 43 - though I don't buy those right away unless they stay on my "like" list for a while.
  • And here's a Bonus Question I missed from week 6: Do you ever find yourself in a position where your paper crafts aren't fun at the moment, but you feel obligated to finish them?
    • YES! OH YES - TOTALLY! This was happening to me just last weekend before my monthly crop. I was even having the desire to give up completely and donate all my product away! Sometimes it just feels like a waste of time or money, but I often just take this as a lie from the enemy because I KNOW God uses my scrapbooking to bless others and to grow me, I also get great fellowship when I craft with my Christian friends! So, yes I press-on and am always blessed in the end :o)


Amanda D said...

Have fun at your first over-night scrap event. It sounds like a blast! I better have something good to show next week for NSD. Hmm. Good luck on your goals! I’m looking forward to some photos of your projects.

Melanie said...

Those photos are gorgeous Carolyn. You are a wonderful photographer.

Good luck with your goals this week, I hope you have fun on the 3rd.

Jennifer said...

Beautifull pictures Carolyn!! How can you choose? I’m sure you had 100’s.

Love You!!!!

LuvLee said...

Ohhh……the little ones are just so precious!! It brings back sooooo many memories of mine when they were little!! I can’t wait to move and set up my new craft room so I can actually scrap again too!!! Have fun on your overnight Scrap!!

Amy said...

I should probably keep a running list, too, as mine tends to be at least partially repeated every week. WTG on getting some of your goals done. That overnight crop sounds like fun– enjoy your cropping and your “sister time”! :)

Elaine said...

That’s a lot to do! I should do this too just so I would get more scrappin’ done and spend less time bloggin’! ; )

Great pictures of the kids!

chrissym said...

What precious adorable pictures, thank you for sharing with us. Have a fabulous week!