Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I've been blog-hopping today

And found a new blog with a very interesting line of comments, it is Digging for Pearls...

... she has a post asking Christian women to share what their top 10 struggles are. If you go to her site (linked above) you can share too, and be entered in a book giveaway. Oh and I would love if you would copy and paste your comment from her blog to mine on this post so I can get to know you (my readers) better.

Here is my top 10...

  1. the lies of the enemy
  2. feeling like I am a bad mother and wife
  3. ...because I cannot get everything done at home
  4. jealousies over my husband's hobbies
  5. anger
  6. laziness
  7. time management / schedule planning
  8. patience
  9. my appearance in a mirror and the fact that clothes just aren't built for me.
  10. getting out with the kids

I also found this blog post and I find that this video below would be my reaction...


Christina said...

Thanks for the alert about this Oprah stuff. I just clicked on the link. Can you believe her?

By the way I love scrap booking. I haven’t had a lot of time in the last few months, but I plan on getting back to it. I love your site.

In answer to your question about my song Thank you by the Katina’s I do believe this is a baby he is holding, I saw it’s little legs sticking out. How cute. I don’t know why I didn’t notice this before.

Shari said...

I went to Digging for Pearls to join in. Wow. Already 144 comments. I’m 38 and a mom to 5 kids (6-14).These are probably my top 10 struggles.
- eating for comfort
- worrying about finances
- balancing family, homeschooling, and ministry work
- having patience with my children
- praying with my husband
- loneliness from being a SAHM
- supporting my husband’s goals, because I think it’s my turn to work on my goals
- forgiveness, bitterness (I’m diligently working on this one)
- being content with my life
- low self esteem

I really like your site and will come back to visit.

Krista said...

Hey! Did you do the Wordpress update? I wouldn’t!!! I updated a few days ago and have had problems ever since…..ugh!!!!! Hopefully it will be fixed soon. UGH!!