Monday, April 28, 2008

Behind the Scene... and the winner is...

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Check it out over at 5 Minutes for Mom.

And the winner of Mr. Clean magic erasers!!! - is Comment # 24 - Amy!

Congrats and Happy Tackling my dear!

Oh, and just for some old fashion fun, check this out :o)...


Homemaking Mama said...

Great job on the car, looks like it was a challenging tackle :)
Thanks for dropping by and giving me some encouragment, goodness knows I need it today.
I promise I will use the new TT button next week too, I just keep forgetting :) oops!
See you next week.

Morning Rose said...

Cute picture and great tackle!

Amy said...

Darn, some other Amy won. ;)

WTG on your clean car! I’m planning to post for Tackle It Tuesday later today– after I take both kids for haircuts! Wish me luck, LOL!

Since your blog is one of my most frequent reads, I’m passing on the Excellent Blog award to you. :) Details here:

Heather said...

Hey, Carolyn! Looks like you’re doing a great job with Tackle it Tuesday! I’ve been so out of the loop lately, I didn’t even realize today was Tuesday until I stopped by here. Just wanted to thank you for your visit a couple of weeks ago. Really appreciated you stopping by and commenting on my paint job and the weight loss progress. (BTW, I’m doing it with a low-carb diet and LOTS of walking on the treadmill. Boring, but effective! lol)

Hopefully things will slow down around here soon and I can get back to Tackling again! Meanwhile, keep up the great work. ;o)

Oh, and your little ones are adorable!!

amydeanne said...

hehe I hate cleaning out my trunk!!
lol was that me who won? or another Amy? i’ll have to go and check!
happy day!