Monday, April 21, 2008

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday

Welcome... I am blessed to have you here.
I don't know about you, but I have had an interesting week. Lately I have been feeling like I got hit by one of those flaming arrows, but so blind-sighted like I don't know WHERE I got hit! I'm just trying to pray more and hopefully God will bring me to some kind of understanding of it.
I have been in the word though - Praise God! I finished reading through James last week and told you I would share everything I learned once I'm done... it's a lot, but here you go, this is exactly how I write as I read...

  • chapter 1
    • v. 2, 3, 19 - God wants to teach me to endure by testing my trust in Him.
    • v. 4 - He wants to grow me and make me mature.
    • v. 6-8 - I need to pray for specifics without doubt or not expect God to work at all.
    • v. 12 - God wants to reward me with a crown when I learn to persevere.
    • v. 13-15 - sin starts in my thoughts as temptations and is accomplished when I act.
    • v. 19, 20 - I must be quiet, listen and not get angry.
    • v. 21 - I must put my self aside.
    • I must be humble and receive the word that saves.
    • v. 22-25 - I must do the word, not just listen to it, then I will be blessed.
    • v. 27 - I want to be true and unstained by the world.
  • chapter 2
    • v. 1-12 - don't show partiality.
    • v. 13 - show more mercy and be less judgmental.
    • v. 22 - God wants met to act on my faith to bring it to perfection.
    • v. 24 - and use my works to justify me. (just-if-i'd never sinned)
  • chapter 3
    • v. 1 - if I want to teach I am asking for a stricter judgement from God.
    • v. 2-6 - I want God to direct my words so then He can also direct my self... I want Him to be my horseman, my pilot, my fire!
    • v. 16 - the disorder and evil in my life is coming from the jealousy and selfish ambition.
    • v. 17 - wisdom from God comes with purity, peace, gentleness, reason, mercy, good fruits, stability, and the ability to follow.
  • chapter 4
    • v. 1 - my selfish pleasures are what cause my battles (both inside & out).
    • v. 2 - I have not because I ask not.
    • v. 3 - or maybe I ask with the wrong motives?
    • v. 4 - am I acting like a friend or enemy of the world? of God?
    • v. 7 - submit to God - resist the devil and he will flee
    • v. 8 - draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
    • v. 11 - If I speak against my brother I judge him.
    • v. 12 - I am taking a position of God when I judge!
    • v. 13-15 - I shouldn't be making my own plans but I should be saying, "If the Lord wills".
  • chapter 5
    • v. 3 - am I storing up treasures on earth?
    • v. 4 - do I owe anyone to anything that would cause them to cry to God against me?
    • v. 7 - a good picture of patience = as the farmer waits for the precious produce.
    • v. 9 - "Do not complain against one another, so that you yourselves may not be judged; behold, the judge is standing right at the door."
    • v. 11 - blessed are those who endure... the Lord is full of compassion and mercy.
    • v. 12 - to not fall under judgement, let your yes be yes and no be no.
    • v. 13-15 - suffering -> pray, cheerful -> sing praise, sick -> have the elders pray and anoint you with oil.
    • v. 16 - to be healed -> confess and pray for one another.
    • v. 19-20 - it is good practice to turn sinners from the error of their ways, it will cover their sins and save them from death.
I have also had devotion time in Ephesians 2, Colossians 3, and Genesis 4, with God showing me...
  • He wants to show me mercy and GREAT love (this was nice because I am still struggling my my disobedience).
  • He wants to show me His kindness.
  • I have hope with Him in this world.
  • I am of His household. (And so are you my dear Christian sisters)
  • God is renewing me to the true knowledge that Christ is all!
  • He wants me to be compassionate, kind, humble, gentle, patient, tolerant, and forgiving.
  • I want to learn better to work with a sincere heart to God, not as a man pleaser... especially with Tackle it Tuesday.
  • I want to give God my first and my best in devotions to Him, not my felt-overs or just a good try, but my BEST!
  • I need to master the sin of keeping my fatty-laziness to myself :o)

This week's Question: What do you run to instead of God? How can you tangibly remedy that?

My Answer: I run to my husband - poor thing!!! God has been showing me to hold my tongue and go to Him in times when I want to go to Joshie. It been hard and wonderful all at the same time. I am just thankful God is slowing guiding me out of this one through obedience and quietness.


Heather (HL's Journey) said...

Keeping you in praying for strength, wisdom, and guidance through your times of feeling “hit by a flaming arrow.” Been here recently - depend on Him, He will see you through.

Sharing His Love, HL

Joelle said...

shoot- I do not like admitting these things in public, casue tehn I have someone keeping me accountable- that sometimes hurts. Thanks for the question.

Trish said...

thanks for the invite :) I didn’t start my diet as i said I was going to, or exercise-now I am headed to work. Won’t get down on myself though, because at least I am finally deciding to do something instead of thinking why bother! In answer to your question, i guess I run to junk food when i am stressed (and sometimes when I am just bored) I need to start praying more and filling that time with exercise instead! well, take care and I look forward to talking with you again-great blog by the way!!