Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Walk Monday

Again I feel I have had a blessed week in the Lord, I hope you have too. It has been really good that this Meme holds me accountable to have my walk... of course if I were to come here and say I have not read or learned at all I would expect you all to lovingly rebuke me :o) I really do mean for this Meme to help us lift each other up, bear one another's burdens and sharpen each other's iron! :o) So please don't be surprised when I stop by to see how you are doing if you have not been around... you are loved.
So... do you want to hear what I have learned? A good one from this morning in youth group with my husband (when I had to fumble around in my purse to find paper (a receipt) to write on) was... well, let's see if I can find the receipt now...
  • The only way Satan can hurt God is through us. (Think about that one for a moment, it hit me hard!)
  • My response... I don't want anyone hurting my King, especially if they are planning on using me to do it! (Ps. we were in Gen. 3)
And some nice news! I finished reading my Let Go book... a total God send and a blessing I will never forget! I may not believe the same things the author of these letters did, but I know that God definitely used his words to put me in check with my self.
After reviewing what I have already learned, God showed me a bit more on what Surrendering is like for me. You see I was reading about surrender meaning to accept whatever God sends as I looked at the photo of the giant wave from last week's post. It made me think about my labor with BBoy. I had him with no meds and was thinking on what my lovely Birthing Coach would say during the super hard contractions (you see she used to surf and I think this is no coincidence!) she would tell me to "Just ride the wave". Now I see that that was me surrendering to the pain! This is a great picture of surrender to me. God just wants me to take each wave as it comes and be faithful to balance as He holds me in His arms.

  • You see we are never alone, God is always there as our faithful friend to hold us up when we are weak.
  • And even if the problems we have seem to be waves over our heads they are always under His feet!
  • Many of our steps to victory come on our knees.
I encourage you this week to actually set time aside to pray, maybe even setting a timer to do so to keep you from distractions.

Now for this week's Question: Do you have a favorite place or time to get alone with God? If yes, when, where and maybe why?... If no, can you think of one you could make, giving it to the Lord as a place for you and Him to hang-out together?

My Answer: When my kids are awake I have a spot in my family room on the couch. I like it because it still makes me available to them and because I am close to my husband's computer which reminds me to pray with them and pray for my husband. When they are not awake (which is not often) I think God is calling me to a different spot (on the couch in my bedroom), which I am actually not being faithful to come to... please pray for my rebellion to stop. Thank you ladies and remember you are loved!


Tracy said...

Sorry I haven’t joined in for a couple of weeks, as my post mentions we have been busy. I’m glad to be back this week though.

Deborah said...

Keep up the great work! And keep looking up!

Joy said...

I may not have a blog, but I can comment! :)

I have two favorite Worship Spots: In my piano studio, sitting at the keyboard, playing music for my King. I lose track of time in this sweet place! I also love to be out on the front porch swing reading my bible and listening to the world going by. I’m so glad that the weather is getting warmer! I miss it in the winter time.

I love the wave analogy, Carolyn. Very sweet!


Heather (HL's Journey) said...

Hey Carolyn!!
I’ve just finished reading through your post… and to my amazement - we’ve both shared on knowing we’re not alone! God is wonderful is reminding us.

Praying for you to get back into your quiet time and completely know that you’re not alone.

Sharing His Love, HL