Saturday, February 27, 2010

Safe in His Arms

Yet another song God used recently to minister to me in the car.

I didn't even know this band before I heard them other day. I looked for them on Youtube, found the song I heard, then I bought it on iTunes :). It's Safe in Your Arms by Abandon.

Lord thank You that even when I feel alone and distant I really am never alone. You never leave me or forsake me, and I love You for that. I love feeling safe in Your arms. I love thatYou are my safety. I love that You use songs like this to remind me how much You love and how You will fight for me and never let me go. I know I would be lost without You. I know lately You have been carrying me, I know You have been giving me strength and mercy. I've been in a dangerous place, feeling lost in my flesh and trapped in this body of sin and death... but I also know You are my strong-tower, You are my help and my deliverer... so my future isnot dim! The path I walk I always want to walk it with You my Friend, my Love. I know I belong with You, help me to let You guide my steps, help me let You be in total control. I love You, thank You.


Shasta said...

Wow! I love this song! I have never heard of the band, but will have to check em out now! Thanks!

Sita said...

Never heard of the group or song. Loved both. Thanks for sharing this. Blessings,

sonja said...

That's exactly what we all need to know, that we are 'safe in HIS arms'. Truly, we are all lost without Him... BUT... He is our God and He has promised to never leave us!

Thanks for sharing!