Thursday, February 11, 2010

My daughter's blood

Ah yes after posting all those cute pics a couple of posts ago with my kids in them I have to tell you...

Today my 2 year old (the littlest one) fell in her room while playing with her brother and sister and busted her bottom lip open!

When I heard the fall I already made my way down the hall to see if everything was alright, and I was met by a little girl with a screaming dark mouth! I knew what the dark was and was trying to stay calm. My daughter's blood filled her mouth so fast I didn't know what to think.

I asked my five year old to get me a towel out of the bathroom cabinet that we were sitting only feet from on the ground and after I wiped her mouth I bit I noticed she had a nice gash in her bottom lip!

I already had my daughter's blood all over my hands - never the thing a parent wants to experience!!!

Good thing was the blood was fierce and fast at first, but as soon as I got her cleaned up and got some ice on it, it slowed down quickly. She napped on my lap watching AristoCats and woke up soon very happy to see Daddy with a milkshake to save her... poor thing.

She sleeping well now, the bleeding has stopped completely and we are so so glad she is doing better.

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I wrote this post last night, but I decided to find pics of my little lady... she's so pretty...

She's in her Auntie's room here getting to her favorite movie and wearing her shoes and necklace...

She loves Wall-e so much that we rented it for her last night when she was not doing well.

She loves to comfort herself by shoving her blankie in her mouth (it's also how she falls asleep). But she couldn't do this yesterday when she hurt her lip :( poor baby.

These are all older pics that worked for the current story. It was just about the same happiness on her little face when daddy brought her her milkshake :).

She was much better getting something in her tummy without having to chew it.

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