Saturday, February 13, 2010

CTMH online Scrapbooking!

Close to my Heart is finally getting ready to launch their new online digital scrapbooking program to customers in March!!!

It's called Studio J.

And I tried it the other day. It was so easy and turned out nice so far - I haven't received it in printed form yet, but I will let you know when it comes!

I did a layout from mine and my husband's first Christmas with a baby :)


I loved that the program had all the same CTMH paper that I always love - it even had discontinued packs for use - which I thought was stupendous!

I loved how easy it was to have my photos large or small, and already cropped. And I really like that you can now resize the MyStickease Stickers (the Christmas trees) so they work in more situations.

These printed none bulky layouts will be perfect for gifts to the family instead of handmaking EVERTHING I do :).

I am so excited CTMH will now have something for all you Digi-scrappers out there. Please let me know if you will be interested in the Studio J program.

If I don't have any interest I won't get signed up for you to use it... but if there IS enough interest I would LOVE for you to be able to use Studio J through me :).

Good night and God Bless!


Beth in NC said...

Those look awesome! I really had planned to do scrapbooking for our daughter. Ummmm, she will be FIVE in August and I got 3 pages done from her birth. Ha. Sad, incredibly sad, I know.

Jill said...

okay - this I LOVE. I could do this!!!!
My plan is to finally do Audrey's frist year (she's 2, what's up). And do Adeline's years 2,3 & 4.
ha! I think I could actually get caught up if I do it awhoo hooll digitally. And i love CTMH!! Their papers are the prettiest I've ever seen.

Jayma Malme said...

You did a great job on your layout! I am in love with the Jingle paper. I have played with Studio J once so far and have also found it's so easy to use and really fun to play with. Although I will always be a hands-on paper addict, this still serves my love of design and when you just don't have the time to scrap a certain situation, like a vacation, this option is perfect! And is still all the great CTMH products!

Melinda said...

Great job! I love CTMH papers too. I love both paper and digital but the digital is so much quicker and easier to get done w/ little ones. Thanks for coming by my blog, hope to see you again!