Monday, February 01, 2010

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday

It's been kind of a crazy week for me. With the almost fire on Wednesday, doctor appointments, time planning for a craft boutique and a scrapbooking workshop... I've been a little frazzled and busier than normal. Good and bad.

I haven't had a whole lot of studying this week in the word, and I missed church Sunday morning because my three year old has a cold starting up. (Of coarse I could have listened to a message online, but instead I was on FaceBook and Craigslist!) But I have been reading my daily chapter or two in Judges and 'My Upmost for His Highest'.

So I am still seeing God show me His mercy and grace towards His people as I shared the past couple weeks. But I have also been reading Oswald Chambers talk about God remembering times when we were more in love with Him than we act now.

I think now - really - how devoted do I act to Him now?

So devoted that everything IS Him? From Him, for Him, by Him? Or am I so devoted that I go for me? I watch for me? I hear for me? I speak for me? Am I weighing the service I give and deciding how much is best for ME???

Yes. This week I have been so focused on what I don't have (money) and what I want (a camera, a table to eat on, a tv cabinet that doesn't fall apart) that my flesh has been all too present again. The focus on things of the world merely give me a worldly focus! All this when I am called to "Look unto Him", all this when I know concentrating on Him is what fixes my negativity!

When I look unto Him I see His greatness, His glory, His power and His promises! I start to believe again that if only I allow Him to overpower me, if only I am obedient to the heavenly vision, what Christ sees in me, what He sees me to become, IS attainable!!!

I don't see much of anything attainable without looking unto Him. All I see is me.

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