Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Walk

My Walk Monday


I love how amazing it is to see the Lord's provision.

We got a new/used kitchen table and chairs on Monday.  We have been in our new place two months now.  The first month my husband and I ate either standing up or on the couch while the little ones ate on the kitchen floor :(.  The second month we bought a rectangular folding table from Target that really didn't fit in the space alloted.

Now we have this...

I found it on Craigslist for $250.  The lady bought it 6 months ago for $600.

When I called her number the first time, my hubby was calling on the other line, so I switched over before she got a chance to answer and hoped I didn't hang up on her.  After I talked to my hubby I called her back at that same number getting ready to apologize in case I DID hang up on her... but when she picked up she said she had just walked in the door :).

I was blessed to hear her say that, because I was assuming if she were to be getting a bunch of calls regarding the table set they would all be on her answering machine and I would be the first one to talk to her.  I would have been on her answering machine too - behind everyone else - if I didn't not switch over to talk to my husband on call waiting.

So she told me it was available and I could come get it.

I found a friend with a truck willing to drive for me that SAME night - Thank you Janet!!!

And when I got there she told me she listed her table a week ago and wondered all week why she wasn't getting any calls from interested buyers... till she found out she had listed the wrong phone number!!!

I told her that God was saving the table for me!!!!

A-men! :) Thank you Jesus!

I have been convicted recently to really make my house a home.  To really LIVE in it.  Not just move in waiting till be move out again (because it's a rental).  Not make all the excuses of having to repaint when we leave and my husband wouldn't want me to anyway - laziness and lies!  God really showed me that it effects me (who is home ALL the time) and my family if we are merely existing in our home.  We need to LIVE in it, make it our own.  Mind you this is nothing biblical, it's just something God put on my heart because He knows it will help me and my family.  I am excited to show off what I get done in obedience as I take this step by step.

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Alicia said...

What a blessing, Carolyn!! So happy for you guys!