Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome Home Matthew!

My brother's (surprise) welcome home party was on Saturday and he had a great time!
This card my sister's friend made for him, I had to take a picture, I think she always makes her cards! I think she even said she was on a card spree on her blog recently :)
I LOVE you little brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so blessed to bless him and be with all the people that love him so much!!!
And even more blessed to see how good he is doing! He even cut his own cake! Yes, Matthew with a knife - I know scary :)!!
I caught this photo! That's my three siblings! My oldest next to Matthew, the "middle" child up on the chair, then it's me, then my little bro!
I love my family!!!


Alicia said...

Oh Carolyn..I know how much you were waiting for THIS DAY!! Wow..God is so good!!!!! This is truly a miracle!!!

I'm tripping on how much you and your sisters look like each other!

Karla ~ Ainsley's Mom said...

How special, Carolyn! And what a blessing. :-)

Natalie Marie Guarascio said...

What a miracle Carolyn. Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures. I know God has amazing plans for him and what a testimony he has. He is precious.

Love ya,

Nat <><

Angela said...

I added Matthew on the Fearless Friday Meme...what an awesome post...yahoooooooooooo...

JoyScraps said...

So awesome to see your brother home! God is good. Always love your posts. :) Keep fighting the good fight!