Monday, February 16, 2009

A little touch of Heaven

My Walk Monday
Oh my goodness - this week I was SO encouraged at ladies Bible study!

Not only because I have been blessed to be doing Inductive Bible Study (which I totally love) but because I met a little piece of heaven! A diamond in the rough!

This women is like none I have ever meet before! You see my Pastor and his wife were out at a restaurant and she was their waitress. She was singing a song as she served them and it got their attention! After asked she told them what she was singing, and just as Mary thought, she was not just singing, she was WORSHIPING for all to see! When they prayed for their food she even took their hands and prayed with them! Pastor Eddie said she was totally on fire for the Lord! Mary invited her to our ladies Bible study wanting her to rub-off on us... and that she did!!!!

God sat me right next to her, and I am SO glad for that divine appointment! I had no clue who she was but just with our first conversation I felt like I had known her forever! She was talking about how she LOVED the Strong's Concordance and how to her it's just like a Bible (it's still His word after all). (This is why she uses the actual book instead of just looking it up online.) God takes her to random pages and really teaches her some awesome in depth things about His word!

While the study was going on she would share here and there (even though no one knew her) and it was beautiful!!! She was so bold, so knowledgeable and so funny :o) She would talk about things like just telling the people you love that you love them when things are tense. And she was even so real to go out - have a smoke - and come back to confess to us all that she doesn't always do that!!! OH- I LOVED her! She was so funny she mentioned the plank in her own eye as a telephone pole!!!! (Now that's a great illustration! Could you imagine the wires hanging off and zapping everyone? LOLOL!) I could tell she was totally guided by the Holy Spirit and I could even tell she was living that poured-out life I talked about a month ago! I felt like I was sitting next to an angel! She said she couldn't get enough of the word, and that is the one thing I see that made her who she is! The Word was living in her and flowing through her.

I wish you all could meet her too! But I pray even more that I would fall in love with God's word that He would do the same and more to me!

Lord, I want to ABIDE in Your Word. I want to learn to be like the fruit of a beautifully growing tree that only has to stay attached and hang on! I want to attach myself to You and nothing else, for whatever I attach myself to is what I will grow into, and I want to grow into YOU Jesus! Help me to be in a steady flow of Your word, of conversations with You, of fellowship, and worship to Your name! Help me to really get into the meat of the word, I no longer want to feel like I am rotting on the milk from being on it too long. Guard my heart Jesus from the things like entangle me, the things I CHOSE to defile myself with. Purify my heart, examine me and show me where to be obedient, then give me the strength in Your Spirit that can power me through it! I love You Lord! Thank You for showing me a little touch of heaven!

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Angela said...

I messed up on linkie Sweetie. Could you delete the first Angela,,lol. Sorry...

I would have LOVED to have met this woman. She sounds like someone I would enjoy having fellowship with. (I would have kept her company outside too having a smoke with her, blush blush,)