Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My brother went home from the hospital today!  He was there about one week short of 4 months!  God has done amazing things with that boy's life and I only pray that he would someday come to REALLY understand that and do amazing works for the Lord in return!!!  If you didn't read this post... you should - it really shows me that God is NOT done with him!  He could have died in that blessed women's arms (now I'm tearing up) but GOD HAD OTHER PLANS!!!

If you do not know why he was there, that post is HERE.  If you read the update from the post back in November you know that he had a Trachea and a "G-tube" (or feeding-tube) put in and that he had his jaw wired shut.  You also know that he can see, and that he was communicating better, but let me tell you want you do NOT know......

He is talking!!!
He is walking!!!!
He can write, he has been playing video games, board games, climbing stairs, I think my sister even mentioned running one day!!!

He has his jaw unwired, his Trachea out and his G-tube out!!!  So he is eating too!!!

A lot of these things came step by step and he had some struggles along the way with cold viruses, infections in his eyes, struggles with temperament and "hospital-itous" but in 4 months he has come such a loNG LONG WAY!



Alicia said...

Wow, Carolyn! I can't believe it's been almost 4 months! It doesn't seem that long ago!!

Well, PTL! You know he's getting better if he's able to play video games!!!!

HUGS my friend!

Happy Mama said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I am SOOO happy for your whole family....And what a year for you my friend! It seems as though you had a rough couple of months that was replaced by some more grief BUT this year WOW! you are off to a great start! AND I am going to pray that it stays that way!

Angela said...

Jesus, I praise Your Holy Name. Thank You Father God for this precious young boys life, his living, walking, talking testimony of Your power and glory.. Your reign Lord...Glory to You. amen amen amen

I could just cry Carolyn. What an awesome God we serve!!