Saturday, February 07, 2009

This MAKES my soul SING!!!!

The following clip is not a song, but BOY! does it make my soul SING!!! I cry every-time I see it! Even the three times I watched it to write this post.

Lord please forgive me! Forgive me for not giving you my whole heart, I want You to have it. I want You to be able to count on me when You are down here with me, yelling the encouragement in my face because I too often fail counting on my own strength. Lord please give me the Power to be driven by Your heart, not my own which is deceitfully wicked! I want my vapor on this earth to be one where I am constantly able to get past the burn, past the comparisons, past the failures!

I want this life to shine - I KNOW You have beaten sin and death! Lord I want to promise my best!!!! I WILL trust You to be the Lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path!!! I KNOW that You are telling me that I CAN DO THIS and I believe You!!! I KNOW that You will NEVER leave me or forsake me! I'm not gonna quit, even if I have nothing left Lord. I'm gonna keep driving, I'm gonna keep moving, I'll give it everything I've got! Lord I give my heart all over again tonight, take my life as a sacrifice oh Lord until I see You face to face and You can tell me that I did good, I made it with good effort. I want sooo much to be an example, but if I am walking defeated so will my children, my other family and my youth kids. I don't want to waste this life, please Lord help me not to look back, I LOVE YOU!

I urge you ladies, with tears down my face...
"Never give up - Never surrender!"
(lol - I know I'm a dork! - but I have a valid point ;0) Love you all... may you ALWAYS walk and talk with Jesus!


Angela said...

Ok,,I did cry watching it, but Carolyn, I sobbed when I prayed your prayer...I'm still crying,,hang on.Ok,,had to get a kleenex.

If your comfortable with this, I would really like to use your prayer on my devotional post today? I may actually copy this and print it out so I can have it in my Bible to pray.


Anonymous said...

Throughout my teaching and training career, I have always used film clips to support my teaching objective.

THANK YOU for this one. EXCELLENT.

Darlene said...

I love this movie! I too cried all the way through.
I agree with your prayer...I don't want to walk defeated or feeling in despair. I know HE has plans for me and HE will give us strength to follow HIM!
Thanks for stopping by my blog often and commenting!
Have a Super Sunday!

Alicia said...

Oh, I loved that movie, Carolyn!!

Tonight...6pm at church! See you then!! Love you!

Sita said...

This is one movie I still have to see--loved this clip and message. In the Beth Moore series "Who do we trust?" she talks about God entrusting us with our 'brokenness' --in the end, when that brokenness is transformed to beauty to minister to others, He says.."I knew you could..."...strange that He trusts us most where we distrust Him most...
Love your heart and prayer...
Blessings, Sita

MyJourneyBack said...

Beautiful. Thanks for reminding me this way. I am like you I have tears in my eyes from seeing this. Your prayer brings encouragement too. Thanks so much for sharing this. I really needed it.
Thanks for coming by to see me and luring me over!
Many Blessings,
btw I love your Valentines layout!

you gotta wonder said...

It's been a while since I saw this movie. What a timely refresher. And wow! Great tie in back to my immediate challenges. I hear God's voice shouting "Don't you dare quit on me! Give me your best!"

Thank you for bringing this inspiration home. And thank you your comment on my site (that led me over to yours).

Peace, Sister.