Thursday, February 19, 2009

Picture a Day

February 13: I helped my kids make valentine cards for their daddy :)

February 14: My hubby and I were blessed to go to a valentine dinner that my church hosted. We played this fun game where we had to answer questions about our spouse on a paper, then our spouse had to answer the same questions aloud to see if we were correct, and since everyone's was read out loud there was a lot of fun to be had! Me and Joshie know each other pretty well :)... oh and we also played bingo with m&m's, we didn't win, let me just say there were too many numbers and not enough m&m's, lol!

February 15: God gave me a couple more rainbows this week! I LOVE um so much! There was one in the sky on Friday and another there on Sunday when we were getting in the car to go to church!

February 16: Yummy - gummy hearts! My mother-in-law was sweet enough to find me a valentine treat that wasn't chocolate :) They really were yummy... and yes - sometimes I tend to like gummies more than chocolate!

February 17: My son is so cute! I just LOVE it when he lines things up! SO ADORABLE to walk in his bedroom in the morning and find this winding line of cars from his window to all the way underneath his bed :) "These a a few of my favorite things!"

February 18: OH SO SOOOO BLESSED! One of my family's bestest friends had his first baby yesterday! And I was so blessed to be able to be there for him and his wifie! I completely adore her and was so blessed that she didn't mind me helping her with her new little one! I CANNOT wait to see them again!!!!

February 19: And today I went out with my Bible study ladies to celebrate a 50th birthday of a dear friend! It was fun, we went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (where I really enjoyed the Carne Asada Pizza), then we went to a movie.... nice to get out with my gals!!


BeLovedAiMeE said...

fun stuff!!

Alicia said...

Hey Carolyn! I saw Mare on Saturday and she told me about the movie you guys saw. She said it was really funny!!!

Miss you, friend!!

Rebecca said...

Sweet photos. Looks like you had a nice week. =]

Kimberly said...

You must be doing something right to rate two more gorgeous rainbows. :) And have I said how much I love that your photos reflect the life you live for Him?