Sunday, February 08, 2009

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday

I just watched this movie at my old church....
... and one truth in it just hit me soo soooo hard!!!

When the husband in the movie is going through his 40 day challenge to treat his wife right and he gets to day 23 he is warned about Parasites in a marriage! It was said that a parasite is ANYTHING that you allow to latch onto you or your spouse that sucks the life out of your marriage!
A parasite is usually in the form of an addiction, they promise to please, but they grow and grow like a decease and consume more and more of your thoughts, your time, and your money, they steal away your loyalty and your heart from those you love.
They said a marriage rarely survives if parasites are present, and as an act of love they MUST be destroyed or they will destroy you and your marriage.

Dude! This is sooo true!!! But not only for the relationship with your spouse, the same can be true of your relationship with the Lord!!!! I am reminded of one of my all time FAVORITE verses in the Bible that tell us to "lay aside EVERY encumbrance and the sin which so easily ENTANGLES us, and let us ran with endurance the race that is set before us!" Hebrews 12:1

PEOPLE! We need to hold all things lightly, not tightly!

Let go of the things that entangle you, that catch you, capture you, trap you, snare you, or bog you down! Let go of the things that break other peoples hearts, that hurt God's heart! Let go and determine to endure in your marriage, to endure in this race that GOD has set before us!

Determine to ALWAYS walk and talk with Jesus.


Angela said...

amen amen amen..awesome and powerful devotional. I'm trying to find that video so I can buy it. Walmart in Canada doesn't have it,,grrr..will check blockbuster..

Angela said...

You won an award sweetie at my blog.

Alicia said...

Carolyn..wasn't that movie so awesome??????? I'm totally going to buy it!

I loved your MWM post. So true!!