Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Build-a-Bunny!!!

She needs stitches!!! :o)

She has a voice box in her arm that is now trying to come out. I wonder if we take her back if they would stitch her up again :o(. That voice box in my daughter's favorite part, it my recorded voice saying "Jesus loves you baby girl".

It's been almost a year since JJ picked her floppy bunny out.
She couldn't wait to fill her with stuffing...
... but that's just what we had to do... wait - in line... she was such a good girl, so patient.
This is Sally-bunny after she was just born :o)
And here she is after her mommy got her all dressed :o)
Did I mention her mommy rode a pony at the mall after just after giving birth?! Isn't that amazing! LOL - there I go, being strange again.
No really... This was such a sweet time for JJ and I. We went out alone without the rest of the family and we really needed it! This was about two months after her little sister was born and we were not getting along so well. She was going through a phase of not wanting to kiss me, hug me or sit next to me - this was all SO SOOO hard on my end also... so I decided we needed to go on a date!!! :o) I am still so glad we did.


Angela said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..she is just adorable. I giggled when I saw the bunny all dressed up. too cute. Your daugther looks SO much like you. What a precious memory you and her have together sis..great job being a loving mom and meeting her needs sis...((hugs))

Happy Mama said...

How sweet..we took and Lady Bug and Tornado the weekend before Black Friday this year. It was their Christmas present...Lady Bug got the same bunny! I think it's the best one they have!

She looks so happy in her sunny outfit!

Alicia said...

Hey..I was just at that mall! LOL

Oh, Carolyn..she is just so cute! All your kids are!!!

When are you guys coming over for dinner??????????

Is there anyone you know that can sew???

2boymommy said...

I have really been wanting to take Josh to Build A Bear. I'm so glad you posted this because now I am going to take him on a little date. =)

L2L said...

see there is just something about giving birth that bonds women, he-he.

Heather said...

Aww... I wish I could just stitch her up for you! I've done many such "surgeries" through the years. One way or other, I hope Sally Bunny gets all fixed up soon.

What a little cutie pie your JJ is, and what a great memory for both of you!

Kimberly said...

What a cutie she is! I'm pretty sure Build a Bear would repair her baby. ;)

Natalie Marie Guarascio said...

That is so good that you were able to take her out on a mommy daughter date. It must be hard when other siblings come. I can only imagine. You are such a good mommy! I love the voice box idea. What a comfort to her it must have been.

L2L said...

Each of my children have gotten Build-a-Bears from a sweet friend in the States. I'm super excited that I have a little girl and I'm going to make them matching dresses for the summer, I know I'm a bit nuts but isn't that the fun of having a girl after two very boyish boys.
p.s. CJ loved the video and I think she has her first blogger friend, lol.

p.s.s I'm working on getting this blog up
http://thepathbackhome.blogspot.com/ to talk about life after being diagnosed with pmdd

p.s.s.s gotta go CJ wants to make funny noises with her new friend, oh my what have I started he-he

Sniz said...

So did she start to hug and kiss you again after your date? I loved your comment about riding a horse right after giving birth! HAHA. My girls have Build-a-Bears too, Veronica and Sasha. They each got them on their 8th birthdays. Now they are 10 and 11 and they still love to dress their babies in different outfits and sleep with them every night.