Thursday, February 12, 2009

Picture a Day

February 6: Friday my sweet husband got home from work early, hung out with me a bit while the kids were still napping, then he went to the grocery store for me - something I am pretty sure he doesn't like to do, but it always blesses me when he does... this time he came home with a gift for me because he "has been so blessed by me lately" yaay!... well I'm blessed by you too hunny!!!

February 7: My hubby blessed me again on Saturday by letting me sleep in until he had to leave for the food bank. When he came back he made me lunch and let the kids outside to play, where they blessed me too - they brought me many pretty little flowers I didn't even know we had!!!

February 8: Sunday - I was in the nursery class at church. It ended up being only my own kids, but I was blessed to do a fun little craft with them. We made signs to remind us to pray.
... and my son made his nose green, so I wanted to take a picture and got this lucky shot of his pouty face :o)

February 9: Another treat my husband brought home for me. I ate one and was saving the other, where my son found it and scarfed down half of it laying on the couch so I wouldn't see him! I took the half he didn't eat and gave it to my daughter and said "there's your snack" LOL!

February 10: Yes, more flowers! It was a beautiful day outside on Tuesday, so I went out with the kids and took pictures of all the flowers I could find. My neighbors have a BEAUTIFUL cherry tree, my favorite!!!

February 11: I have been trying to take pictures of the birds in my backyard for a while now, with no avail. But yesterday God sent me dozens of little birdies!!! They we are flittering around in the trees, it was so sweet!
I was even MORE blessed yesterday when it rained, and even thundered!!!! I think pictures of lightning are AMAZING, but thunder really gets my adrenaline going!

God decided to send me a phone call to get me off the couch. When I answered it no one was there, and as I was walking myself back to my computer I looked out the window to see THIS beautiful sight!!!! I love RAINBOWS!!! Thank you Lord.

February 12: My kids a so smart... they got a tinker toy set for Christmas and love it! They like to use pieces of other things to make their own masterpieces. This is my daughter's lamp! She even set it there right next to the lamp and said "look mommy!" with a big smile :o).


Alicia said...

Hi Carolyn!! Loved it!

My kids have the same tinker toys! LOL!

Love the rainbow! It was crazy rain the other day, huh??

Angela said...

That pic of the rainbow was just GORGEOUS!!

kim said...

Wow, some beautiful nature pics..... you must live in a temperate climate. I'm so looking forward to spring!

Karla ~ Ainsley's Mom said...

The photo of the rainbow is just beautiful, Carolyn! I enjoy seeing your PADs.