Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
I tackled THREE weeks in a row!!!
That's so exciting to me - it means I'm getting stuff done! :)

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I got some more crossed off my to-do list (below).
I organized and pared down all the children's clothes I had in bins... actually 7 bins, 1 box and 1 garbage bag!

It's looked like this in my front room for probably a month. I kept telling myself that if I kept it all right in front of my nose I would be more prone to getting it done in a timely manner. Well I finally got it done...

This was part of the organizing process. I went from 9 containers of clothes to 3! All sorted by sizes...

I knew ahead of time that these three bins would fit under the crib, even though it doesn't look like it here...

... they do! :) and it's so nice to get them out of the way...
... I didn't take pics of it, but I was able to give 2 big trash bags of baby girl clothes to my friend and another 3 bags to the goodwill.

And with all that taken care of - and the hanging of my guitar - and a little rearranging - this is the AFTER shot! Much, much better...

I even got all my completed scrapbook albums out and organized them to go into the bottom-right cabinet the entertainment center pictured above.

I figured it was an empty storage spot and finished albums are meant to be looked through for entertainment purposes... so why not relocate them to the entertainment center? :)

I have 10 in all, but only 8 fit...
  1. My old church camp album.
  2. Our wedding album (the first one I ever made).
  3. My husband's gift album of us before the kiddos.
  4. Our oldest daughter's birth to 1 year / baby album.
  5. Our son's baby album.
  6. Our younger daughter's baby album (not complete yet - I have 7 layouts left).
  7. Another album of the kid's layouts, but each each kid only gets 2 layouts a year.
  8. And then it's our family album :)...
All very exciting organizing for me!!!

It's nice to to give everything a place to be. Even from last week's tackle with the bunkbeds, I had extra boards from the disassembled top bunk that had to go somewhere in my 2 bedroom apartment! So I slid them under the couch! :)...

Strange? Maybe, but it works. I also wanted to share another little trick that brings me sanity :). An unused scarf tried to the doorknob and the new bunkbed to keep the kids from opening and closing the door a million times when they are playing...
LOVE it!

Now onto my running TO-DO list - I got 2.5 things crossed off...
  1. Organize and pare down hand-me-down clothes in bins.
  2. Hang acoustic guitar on wall in front room.
  3. Pack hospital bag.
  4. Make labor index cards to help hubby coach.
  5. Get kids to doctors appointments and sign-up for WIC.
  6. Get a work-space built for homeschooling in the Fall.
  7. Get birth certificates and immunization records.
  8. Find online courses and sign-up to do my own general ed.
  9. Donate car.


Alicia said...

Wow, Carolyn! I'm very impressed!! Good for you. I bet you feel so organized!

Braley Mama said...

nice work! I know how you feel, there are four of us in a one bedroom house:O) Great tackle!

Rebecca said...

Yay!! I love checking things off a list. Big organizing projects like that feel especially great. You're on a roll girl!

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

You are inspiring! Great work on this tackle! I hope to get my to do list accomplished this month also!

Upstatemomof3 said...

I have to empty the drawers of clothes that no longer fit and need to go in our bins. I have been menaing to do it for a few weeks already. Good for you for getting it done.