Monday, May 24, 2010

Scrappin' Sunday

For Scrappin' Sunday we share our "ta-da's" and our "to-do's" to keep us motivated each week. Join me... even though I'm a little late :)

TA-DA - I went on a ladies retreat with my church this weekend... it was a totally AWESOME time with the Lord and friends. I taught a workshop on Saturday for a free-time activity while I was there. It was the Altoid Tin Mini Album I posted.

This made a lot of my to-do list last week having to do with this event :). So I obviously DID get it all done. I got all 23 kits packed and I only have 7 left-overs...

That was exciting to me since I had no idea how many of the 30 or so ladies would be interested :).
ladies1 ladies2 ladies3

I even was able to finish altering the Recipe Box I want to teach for another workshop at my home in June. I was glad because I wanted to show them so they could sign-up to learn if they wanted to.
Pics of that Box are HERE if you want to see.

Now onto my running TO-DO list...
  1. Get invitations out for Recipe Box Workshop.
  2. Add "extras" to my printed Studio J layouts and get them in the albums.
  3. Make a wedding card.
  4. Journal on old "finished" layouts.
  5. Plan more layouts.

The stuff I finished from last week...
  1. Make sign-up sheet.
  2. Get Altoid Tin tutorial online.
  3. Finish getting kits ready for workshop.
  4. See what's missing for workshop and get supplies.
  5. Alter Recipe box for June workshop.
  6. Pack for workshop and retreat.


Melanie said...

Im glad you had such a wonderful time at the retreat Carolyn and the workshop was a real hit.

Hope you get your to-do's done this week too.

Bailey's Granny said...

Looks like the ladies had tons of fun making the altoids tin album. The recipe box and cards are really cute too. Where is the recipe box from? Thanks for sharing and stopping by Sunday Scrappin'!