Saturday, May 08, 2010

Scrapping and Venting

For Scrappin' Sunday we share our "ta-da's" and our "to-do's" to keep us motivated each week. Join me...

TA-DA - Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I actually made my Mom and Mother-in-law cards this year (I'm a pretty stinky daughter). I just hope I put them in the mail on time.

I used this card from the S.E.I. Thank you card kit (that I am selling) as a base to follow for my Moma's cards...

And for my moma's cards I used random scratch paper from a recent layout...

And get this... while I was at the post office I had to deal with a fun lady (the post office worker!) that asked me if ALL three of my kids were mine! Three??? REALLY?! This really annoyed me if you can't tell. What's wrong with having three kids woman?!

Oye, I am so emotional lately. It's really hard and very much not funny. I feel bad for my husband because I just expect him to get over when I treat him poorly because (look at me) I kinda have a reason, lol. Sorry Joshie.

And I feel bad for my kids too. It's really hard not to be upset about pee'd beds, spaghetti sauce stains and wet couch cushions when you do 6 loads of laundry in one morning :*(. Not to mention the floors, table and counters that seem to always have dried food and crumbs everywhere :*(. Then there's the dishes and the dirty bathrooms and the trash with the smelly diapers... waah waaah waaah!

Sorry for the vent, let's get to my running TO-DO list...
  1. Make mother's day cards.
  2. Get CTMH order out.
  3. Got to post office to send old scrapbook gifts! - This week.
  4. Make niece's belated birthday card.
  5. Plan more layouts.
  6. Send out niece's belated birthday card - This week.
  7. Print Studio J layouts before they expire - This week!
  8. Alter Altoids tin for May workshop - This week!
  9. Get kits ready for May workshop.
  10. See what's missing for workshop and get supplies.
  11. Alter Recipe box for June workshop.
  12. Make sign-up sheet.
  13. Make a wedding card.
  14. Journal on old "finished" layouts.
  15. Plan more layouts.

The things I DID get done... (more TA-DA's I guess)...

- My "planning" of more layouts came in the form of actually getting one made! It was a Studio layout of coarse! So fast and easy! I shared the layout earlier this week, I think it's a favorite :)

- I didn't journal on my older "finished" layouts, but I did go through all my albums to see which ones were missing journaling and I made a list. I even made a list of which layouts I would like to do a little touch up on, I think all of those just needed an adjustment in the Title area...

Thanks for looking... and listening :*)


Jeannette said...

Seriously? For us military wives apparently 6 is fine and dandy. I'm shooting for three... but they are free to birth and the Army {kinda} takes care of us so we might have four running around one day. I love that mom layout! Very creative.

Tracy said...

Love the Ta Da list. Gives a sence of accomplishment.
I am a list maker as well, I even prettied up my note pads LOL.
I have 3 daughters :)

Rebecca said...

Cute cute cards! I love your list too - I have a similar one going ;)

I totally understand your emotions right now! That's been me lately, it's exhausting and I'm sure not fun for my family all the time.

I get "you'll have your hands full" when people see me with two plus the belly...or "you know how that happens right?" I just want to say - "no, could you explain it to me??" UGH. I have friends with 4 & 5 kids who get a lot of grief too, no one else has to clean the peed on beds so why do they care so much?

Have a happy happy Mother's day! I still haven't made my cards let alone got them out - ugh.

Bailey's Granny said...

Awesome pages from Studio J. I love that program. I really like your cards too. I was lazy and didn't get cards made. Hope you have a great week and get some to do's crossed off. Thanks for sharing and stopping by Sunday Scrappin'!

Melanie said...

I love your layout that you shared.
Good luck on getting all your to-do's completed.

I like the idea of the list of pages that need finishing. I try not to put it away until its finished but some slip by me. lol