Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
I tackled two weeks in a row!!! :) And got three things off my To-do list (below).

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We ordered a new bunkbed Thursday evening and it came Friday afternoon!!! So I tackled moving the crib out of the kids room and into the empty spot in my master bedroom.


I had to take it halfway apart to get it through the doorways and the hallway, but here it is all re-situated :)...

The kids played nicely in the front room while mommy was in the back rooms tackling...

I even got to put the baby's bedding in. And we picked up a chocolate colored mobile from our local consignment store when we got the safety bed-rail for my toddler ;)...

Here is the spot I moved the crib from, all empty and ready for the bunkbed to arrive...

And here is me with all the bunkbed parts sorted on the floor, ready to go... wait - I should cook dinner first, not ignore it...

While the lasagna was in the oven my hubby took the kids swimming to give Mommy some tackle time with the new bunkbed...

After dinner I worked right into the kiddo's bedtime and finally got it all done...

Thanks hubby for your help with those last couple stubborn screws!!! (And sorry for the attitude!)

The room had two bunkbeds in it. We originally planned to keep the brown one up because we bought mattresses for both top and bottom...

... but the mattresses were kinda ghetto! Anyone else have a flashback to their childhood?!!! Even without that though, they are WAY heavy, TOTALLY hard - like sleeping on wood, and when you move them you can hear the springs giggling around. And they are not a flat surface, they were rounded, weird, I couldn't sleep the night my son slept on his because I was just waiting for him to roll right off....

So I ended up taking the top bunk off the older bunkbed as part of my tackle as well We also got my son a better mattress (I would rather pay $100 for one good mattress than $100 for two ghetto ones :)...

Look, this is Mini sleeping in her "big girl bed" for the first time :*)...

And this is her Big Sissy right above her, not sleeping yet of coarse...

And this was her... all happy in the morning :)... so sweet!!!...

I also tackled some organizing of post office bound packages, but I posted about those HERE if you are interested in my victory :).

Oh, and I backed up my hard-drive!

Now onto my running TO-DO list...
  1. Organize and pare down hand-me-down clothes in bins.
  2. Hang acoustic guitar on wall in front room.
  3. Pack hospital bag.
  4. Make labor index cards to help hubby coach.
  5. Get kids to doctors appointments and sign-up for WIC.
  6. Back up hard-drive.
  7. Get old scrapbook packages ready and go to post office.
  8. Get a "big girl bed" for Mini and move her crib to master bedroom.
  9. Get a work-space built for homeschooling in the Fall.
  10. Get birth certificates and immunization records.
  11. Find online courses and sign-up to do my own general ed.


Alicia said...

Wait, what? You put the bunk bed together all by yourself?????? You are awesome!!!!!!!!

And the kids are sooooooooo gorgeous!!!

Our happy crazy home said...

Wow, you got a lot accomplished! Love the new bunkbeds. :-) And your kids are adorable.

I tackled some stuff this week too, you can check out my tackle here. :-)