Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Scrappin'

For Scrappin' Sunday we share our "ta-da's" and our "to-do's" to keep us motivated each week. Join me...

TA-DA - I get to show off something that makes me VERY VERY happy today! I was obedient to the conviction God put on my heart (I wrote about that yesterday).

I packed up scrapbook gifts that I should have sent out 2 years ago!!! (Sorry ladies involved.)


They're all ready for the post office now...

Hopefully next week I will have pictures from the post office trip :)

Now onto my running TO-DO list...
  1. Get old scrapbook packages ready and go to post office. (I took this off my Tackle-It list realizing it was more scrapbook related than home related :) - plus it's all I got done this week!!!
  2. Got to post office to send old scrapbook gifts!
  3. Make niece's belated birthday card.
  4. Make a wedding card.
  5. Finish undone purple layout.
  6. Journal on old "finished" layouts.
  7. Print Studio J layouts before they expire.
  8. Plan more layouts.


L2L said...

you are a scrapper after my own heart!! I went to a scrap day earlier this month and all I did was organize my stamp sets and then I took all my stuff out and organized it for our move in June, lol. I think all those ladies thought I was C-R-A-Z-Y!!

Rebecca said...

Those kits look fun! I'm excited to see your list of items for sale and still need to get in touch about those flip flaps...I keep forgetting but I'm sure you understand. How exciting for National Scrapbook Day!

Melinda said...

Sometimes it's so hard to get things done. Good for you!

Rebecca said...

Got your comment. Don't rush the list on my account, whenever you get to it girl.

I've been feeling okay, very large & stretched I can't stretch anymore but I know I will over the next 11ish weeks. Ack! lol Then I realize I'm so close and have nothing set up, no projects complete that I wanted done and start ignoring it all again.

I've been hot here too, we skipped spring for a while and went straight into summer then it cooled down and then a tornado tried paying a sinuses really *love* all the weather change.

I hope you got some food and cooled down, I can't seem to eat enough these days. Lately I've been craving desserts big time.

It would be so fun to live close to each other. We could scrap, eat and be pregnant! LOL

Alicia said...

Better late than never, right?

The people who get those are going to be so happy!!

Bailey's Granny said...

NSD always creeps up on me. I will have to do some scrapbooking this weekend! Thanks for sharing and stopping by Sunday Scrappin'!