Monday, April 19, 2010

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday

Sin is Sin is Sin.

We went through a sad chapter today in youth group, if you don't already know the story in Genesis 34 you should take the time to read it.

There are plenty of different characters in just this one chapter, but they all had different downfalls. I know my downfalls are very different from others that I would think are "worse", but sin is sin is sin.
  1. Shechem - prince of the Hivites - "violated" Dinah (sin of commission).
  2. Jacob - Dinah's father - heard that she had been "defiled" and did nothing (sin of omission).
  3. Hamor - Shechem's father, the King - never either tried himself, or had Shechem right the wrong or even confess the sin. They only continued to be self-seeking.
  4. Shechem tried to pay Dinah's family off to take her as his wife.
  5. Jacob's sons deceived Shechem and Hamor into circumcising their entire family.
  6. Levi and Simeon - Dinah's brothers - went and killed all the newly circumcised men while they were in pain.
  7. They also plundered the dead, their city, their fields, and their houses. They took the little ones and wives as captives.
  8. Jacob was selfish for his own reputation and safety because of this son's actions.
  9. And still Jacob neither said nor did anything about what happened to his daughter.

This was all kinda perfect for me to read through today because all of it kinda just makes me angry. It's a good anger again the sin of Shechem, Hamor and Jacob, but what about me? Am I angry with my own sin? Am I THIS angry with my own sin??? Is it disgusting to me? Will I do anything it takes to right my own wrong? Will I even confess it?! Will I teach my children to do what is right by determining to lead by example? Or will I fall into my own selfishness and excuses again????

And maybe I am doing something about my personal sin, but I am doing it incorrectly like Levi and Simeon... only taking myself further into a different sin?!

Lord please continue to give me Your amazing grace and dynamite power against MY OWN sin. Lord I want it to start with me. I want my children to learn mostly through a good example, not "do as I say, not as I do". I want them to have a love of good from seeing that You give me the strength to love what is good. Forgive me of comparing one sin to another when they all have the same terrible outcome to separate us from You. I love You and want to be close to You forever and always. You are my Mighty and Awesome King.

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