Monday, April 05, 2010

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday

I was so blessed by our Easter Sunday service yesterday! Our pastor has a great gifting to teach and preach God's word and a beautiful heart for people that goes along with it!

The biggest part that hit me from Luke 24 was very small... verse 12a.

"Peter got up and ran to the tomb"

Walking was no longer enough for him. Going slow was not good when he could go faster and possibly be close to Him again sooner.

Walking is not good enough for me either. I want be as close to Jesus as humanly possible at all times! I want to RUN to Him, even if running causes me to trip and fall sometimes. I will get up again and keep running.

I know in the past when I let things trip me up I would fall and just stay down on the floor... refusing help, looking like a fool because there was nothing wrong with me. I would be beating myself up for not avoiding the thing that tripped me. I would wallow, gave up and stay there with my face on the floor. So sad.

Could you picture that? Someone perfectly healthy just laying on their face refusing your help to get up because they knew if they got up now they would eventually end up down again, even if tripping again wasn't till many months or even years away! Pathetic!

But let me ask you... do you do that? Are you content to just stay down and wallow in your stagnant pit? Well - stop it! Get up and walk. Even better... get up and RUN to Him! Run!

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