Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Brushing up on my tackling stills :)

I tackled some other painting and decorating plans a month ago, but before that I hadn't tackled in a YEAR!

I think I will keep a running To-Do list here (at the bottom) like I do for Sunday Scrappin' to keep myself accountable.

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For last week I finally got my bedroom wall painted after having the paint sit around for a month and a half!
Here's my wall all clean and ready...

Here is me and baby (24 weeks) in our painting clothes :)...

Here is the Chocolate - "Brownie" paint I got from Wally Mart...

Here I was done with my least favorite part - preparations blah! Taping...

Here are my kiddos "helping" with their pieces of tape, lol :)...



First coat - edging and top half done...

Whole first coat done - it looked really bad!...

And I looked pretty messed up myself...

But the kids were still having a good time, because I wasn't paying as much attention to their "quite time" :)...

It all looked MUCH better once the second coat was completed!!!...

This is the only picture I could find of what the room looked like before I took everything off the walls and moved the furniture away...

And this is the after picture with everything back in place :)...

I totally love it. Now I can't wait to get my 2 year old a "big girl bed" so I can take her crib and move it into my room for the new baby... it will go to the far right in this picture :)

Now onto my running TO-DO list...
  1. Organize and pare down hand-me-down clothes in bins.
  2. Hang acoustic guitar on wall in front room.
  3. Pack hospital bag.
  4. Make labor index cards to help hubby coach.
  5. Get kids to doctors appointments and sign-up for WIC.
  6. Back up hard-drive.
  7. Get old scrapbook packages ready and go to post office.
  8. Get a "big girl bed" for Mini and move her crib to master bedroom.
  9. Get a work-space built for homeschooling in the Fall.
  10. Find online courses and sign-up to do my own general ed.


Laurie said...

That is seriously really pretty! Great job! I can't believe you paint in your jewelry! Also, I really like the pretty scroll thing you had up before. Bravo!

InspiredGifts.com said...

Oh NICE!! You did a fantastic job!! And you look so cute in your painting clothes... hehe!
Oh! We are your newest fans by the way from Tackle It Tuesday.

Becca @ Inspired Gifts

Ginny Marie said...

It looks so nice! The first coat always looks terrible; it's so much work to paint! But the results are worth it!

Jenelle said...

Pretty! I love the chocolate.