Thursday, April 22, 2010

100 Days and Earth Day

I am 25 weeks and 5 days pregnant today.
I have been pregnant for 180 days.
Baby is probably about 13.5 inches and 1.5 pounds.
Today marks the day that I have 100 more pregnant days to go :) the ticker on my blogs sidebar reminds me of this...

I am excited to say that today I will be purchasing a new bunkbed for my girls so I can use the crib for the new baby. I'm ordering it for $380 mattresses included... and for earth day I thought it was kinda cool that the mattresses are rebuilt from used and cleaned supplies :)

We will not be getting the underbed drawers since I don't think they are pretty from the side, and they don't go all the way back, so I think they are a cute waste of space and money. I like underbed storage baskets instead :).

But I am planning a safety rail for my 2 year old, since this is her first "big girl bed"...

Our first bunkbed was my older daughter's first "big girl bed" as well...

And here is a picture of my son in the separated top bunk of that same bunkbed for his first "big boy bed", perfect for him with all the built-in railings...

Currently JJ (the oldest) is in the top bunk of the old bed, with B.boy in the bottom and Mini in the crib. When we get the white bunkbed, JJ will go on the top with Mini on the bottom and I will take the top bunk off the older bunkbed so B.boy can have the bottom.

Eventually when the new baby is big enough B.boy will go on the top bunk and Baby will go below him with Mini's old safety rail :)

A boys bunk and a girls bunk :).


Alicia said...

Wow..only 100 more days to go? It seems so long from now, but I know it will go by fast!

How funny, the girls have the same bunk bed, but the drawers underneath go the full width. It gets kind of annoying because Veronica's side can get so messy!!!

Rebecca said...

Eek! I'm down to 80!! Love that bunk bed & totally agree about the drawers, baskets will be much cuter & more useful.

Forgetfulone said...

Congratulations! I didn't know you were pregnant! Yes, I'm still blogging, but I don't get around to see as many as I used to. That darn ol' facebook gets in the way. LOL My mailing address is the same. Thanks for remembering me!

Susie said...