Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scrapbooking on my Mind

I had scrapbooking on my mind today. I actually almost thought today was National Scrapbook Day and I was missing it.

So I decided to try to do SOMETHING scrapbookie :)

I organized my extra things and made a list of all that I would like to sell, I will post it on here sometime soon if you are looking for some good (well priced) stuff :)

I was even more excited when I realized NEXT Saturday is National Scrapbook Day and I WASN'T missing it!

So now I have a week to possibly have something planned.

Noticing I had that much time made me think of past NSD's and what I have done. Last year I got to go on my first Scrapbook Retreat! Three years ago I threw a little one day blog party. And two years ago I threw a TWO WEEK blog party! This bought back sad memories and a conviction! You see I planned 10 gifts to give and STILL have not sent ANY of them! SLACKER!!! The Bible say to "let your yes be yes and your no be no", which pretty much means do what you say you're going to do... conviction!

So I also started getting those old gifts ready to ship! :)

And while I was working on all that I got a happy surprise... Today's mail...

The new Close to My Heart Summer Catalog came! Let me know if you want one!
And I got THE CUTEST baby shower invitation! (Don't pay attention to the swirly parts, it doesn't really look like that, I just blurred out the personal info on it so I could show it to you!)
Isn't it amazing???!

So what do you all have planned for National Scrapbook Day next week?

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