Thursday, April 02, 2009

Picture a Day

The PAD home has changed, so if you are participating you can link up at 'The Duck Said It', but please don't forgot to visit our original host Kimberly at 'Altering Life'.

Now here is my week of photos...

March 27: I've still been out walking with my sister-in-law and my kids, it's been a pretty good workout for me with a double stroller and hills! :) We see some beautiful plants...

March 28: ... and some interesting critters! This one scurried out of our garage when I opened it to get the stroller out! I told my SIL "could you imagine if he got into my scrapbooking stuff in the garage and I went off to a crop with him in there - then I opened my stuff to scrapbook and AHHHHHH!" yeah, that would be bad :)

March 29: This is just one of the many quotes I have written on the blank pages in the front of my Bible :) God is reminding me of this particular one again.

March 30: My daughter picked me a rose when she was playing in our backyard! I was so blessed I wanted to cry, but I had to tell her not to do that because of the thorns, praise the Lord she didn't hurt herself this time.

March 31: Actually proof I am still exercising, I am working on my flexibility! Such a blessing to feel this way again! (It may not look like it but I have my tummy, my head and my chest on the ground here.)

April 1: I got another hand-made card in the mail :) So sweet!

April 2: And yes - I am still admiring my rose! It's been opening up and it smells WONDERFUL!!!! :)

PAD 2009


Alicia said...

Carolyn..I'm so impressed with the flexibility!!!!

Hey..I'll see you tomorrow at the mother/daughter sleepover at church!

Beth in NC said...

Ok, I am totally impressed with the stretching picture! I don't think I could do that if someone pushed me down. lol


Maggie said...

I'm with everyone else, I am totally impressed with your flexibility. But that first shot is amazing -- what a gorgeous flower!!