Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picture a Day

I have some favorite photos in this week's Picture a Day.

April 3: This was my oldest daughter's braided hair from the mother-daughter sleepover.

April 4: This was just one of the great shots my sister (and new photographer) got of my youngest daughter on Saturday.

April 5: This is a shot of the banana my son stole off the kitchen counter and ran off with while biting right thru the peal!!! :)

April 6: My daughter has done ANOTHER no-no instead of taking her nap again! This time she found an old bottle of white-out and painted her fingernails and toenails! :)

April 7: This was a shot of the sky at night through my bedroom window upstairs! LOVE IT!!!!

April 8: My youngest daughter that turned one in January is building like the big kids, so cute.

April 9: This is a shot of the clouds today at one of the "dead-ends" on my daily walk. I LOVE clouds, it's like God making beautiful paintings just for me :)!!!!

PAD 2009


Beth in NC said...

I love the pictures Carolyn! I love the picture of the toes. Children have the sweetest feet! I am a cloud lover too! And ... the night picture is awesome!

Miss Ruthie Aileen said...

that banana pic cracks me up! I love how kids do funny things -even when they are being sneaky!