Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picture a Day

April 24: I picked up my guitar again! Praise the Lord for small encouragements like finding a pic in my couch when I was cleaning... yes Lord I will be obedient and learn :)

April 25: My daughter is climbing to sit on her siblings little chairs now... how cute!!!

April 26: Second day of guitar and my fingers were killing me!!!! Today is day six and they already feel better :)!

April 27: Oh my cute daughter, always making beds and little homes out of things!!!

April 28: On Tuesday I got so much done on my checklist! I LOVE IT!!!

April 29: My son has been working on three (since he is three now :).

April 30: He can up to me and said "Mommy look - 3!" :)

PAD 2009

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Beth in NC said...

Those fingers look painful! I love the picture of your daughter in the chair asleep. Ha -- too cute!