Monday, April 27, 2009

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday
This week the Women's Bible study group at my church is going to have a "Night Out" so we actually have two full weeks to get our homework done for our next regular study day.

I decided that I wanted to take this extended time to catch up and fill in those empty pages... well I have two weeks = 14 days right? Well I counted and I was behind by 73 pages!!! I have to do about 5 pages a day! Ahhh! I should already have 20 done and I only have 15. If I can catch up and finish this Bible Study in it's entirety, it would be my first!

I always seem to fall behind in everything I do. I am a little worried because I just signed up to go to a Jr. Collage near my home and if I cannot get 5 pages of Bible Study done a day, how am I going to be with school work!!!???

But I did have a blessing today! My mother-in-law has had it on her heart to watch my 3 kiddos while I go to school and the way we were talking about it today I have even MORE confirmation from the Lord that I am doing the right thing! I LOVE You Lord! Thank you for that!

This week I have been striving pretty hard just to MAKE myself obedient to Christ.
  1. I signed up for school.
  2. I started learning to play the guitar.
  3. I'm doing my Bible studies.
  4. And I am taking better care of my home.
All things that I have been putting off... and as we all know - delayed obedience is the same as disobedience. Now I just have to last longer than 2 weeks!!!

Lord, thank you for a good week. Thank you for the feelings I have of right-standing with You from trying to allow Your discipline to rule over my life of self. Lord please continue to help me to discipline my self to make it my slave to You, that when I am done with this life I may not be disqualified. (1 Corinthians 9:27)

Thank you for putting it in my heart this past 6 months to change wholeheartedly, to come back to a true worship of You, to submit once again to Your love, to be obedient and fall back in love with wisdom and righteousness.

I want to live a live that makes others full of wonder and amazement of You! You are ALWAYS amazing and I don't want to settle living anything short of that.

I want to live no longer rejecting You, no longer stubborn, no longer headstrong, no longer obstinate, no longer resistant, I open my heart and my ears to you Jesus, I am willing!

Help me not to focus horizontally to what is going on in this world around me, the fleshly things, my temptations, my fears, my downfalls, but instead teach to me to focus vertically straight on You Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith.

I want to be more like Stephen - full of faith and of the Holy Spirit, full of Your grace and power. I want to be able to focus up and see! I want my life to be for You first more than ANYTHING else! I love You Lord.


Erica said...

Reading this just inspired me to go work on my Bible Study which I've barely been doing the past few weeks, then since I don't have it done, I'd rather not go...No more excuses

Angela said...

delayed obedience is the same as disobedience..this spoke volumes to me...and amen amen amen to that really spoke to a place where I am right now...I'm so excited about you going to school, PLUS your walk of obedience girl..(the desire and also the fruits that are coming from walking in it)