Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picture a Day

April 10: Yes - we are missing two fishies... I hope my little one didn't eat them!

April 11: This is my daughter's "Mommy and Daddy" in their "car"...
... if you look closely the "daddy" is Prince Charming and he has a receding hairline :)

April 12: It was a beautiful day to celebrate my Lord's Resurrection!!!!

April 13: My two older kids did my hair - lol - I think my daughter got this idea because we had a little scare from the mother-daughter sleepover we went to... we had to check our hair for eggs... LOL! Praise the Lord we were all clear!

April 14: This is the kiddos playing with their new and giant bubble bucket! :)

April 15: This is what I did last night... I decided to surprise my sister-in-law (who I live with) by putting her scrapbook shelves together right next to mine while she was away at work :).

April 16: And this is the mailbox-man I have been wanting to take a picture of... today I finally did... isn't he cool!?

PAD 2009


Alicia said...

LOL the mailbox!!!!

Charleen said...

I used shoes as cars too! I think I had to use wood as dolls though! (because our parents thought I was a boy and of course I had a great fishing pole, but maybe 1 doll)

Exploramania said...

really cool scapping..I wish someone would organize me like you did..Love the scripture posts too.