Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picture a Day

April 17: It was my son's 3rd birthday, so he was aloud to (finally) play the Wii :)

April 18: I died my hair :)!! - and got new earrings :)

April 19: We went to an Aquarium the day before and bought the kids some cute little books. It only took them one day to destroy one :(

April 20: My kids love playing in the pillows on the couch :) cute!! - they were hiding from me.

April 21: I was working very hard to get my sister's blog design refined :) It was fun!

April 22: Josh brought these addicting cinnamon and sugar bagel holes home - left over from a meeting at work - OMGoodness I'm gonna get fat! MMMM!!!

April 23: And I am going to make my kids fat too! Oye - this is so not like me, but look at their snack for today!!! :) You can bet they were excited :).

PAD 2009

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