Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today is my hubby's Birthday!

It's seems like we have been together forever, it probably does help the feeling that I got married at 18 - right out of high school (hey when you find the right one don't let him go!).

I love this man! He's turning 29 today! I still remember his 21st birthday like it was yesterday! :) ... look at this... my studly man and his little lady! Really little :)

I have been trying to change some big things (for me) in my life lately. This next picture is my inspiration to motivation! I have it up on my desktop and on my facebook to keep me reminded! (Look at those arms!!!!!) It is from my Sr Prom 8 years, 3 babies and about 50 pounds ago!... so now I am starting with these things and hopefully working my way up...
  1. Drink Water!!!
  2. Exercise Everyday!!!
  3. and Don't eat Past Dinner!!!

Oh and I also wanted to share with you the cards that I helped my kids make for their daddy today :) They had fun folding, cutting, sticking, making a "sticker" and drawing on the inside for him. I thought they did a nice job.

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seesawfaith said...

Re: Exercise...

You MUST have some friends to work out with! I hate hate hate exercising,but every Tuesday and Thursday I meet some of my friends in the wigglers classroom at church and we all do the biggest loser dvd workouts together. It is accountablilty and fun-ness that keeps me motivated. by the way, those workouts are HARD! You will start to feel results in about 2 weeks. And that's only doing them 2 times a week.

Just remember, God didn't create us to do ANYTHING alone (I frequently pray for Him to help me during my workout, sounds silly but sometimes that's exactly what I need to focus on who I am REALLY doing this for :)and since he can't come into the exercise class with me, he sent me these AMAZING friends to keep me on my toes and encourage me.

(oh, and if you hate water, I was informed by SEVERAL people that you can add the crystal lite packets to the bottles and it still counts toward your water consumption for the day. Yay!)