Saturday, March 21, 2009

Take all of me

This week's song is Fall Into You by Phil Wickham.

Lord thank You for even having me find this song anew, it was on the music on my computer but I didn't realize what I was hearing till searching it out and finding the words.

Lord, thank You so much for loving me as much as You do - I know I don't understand it to it's fullest and I know You are faithfully teaching me who I am to You.

Thank You for taking time on me Lord, for choosing me before the foundations of the earth! Thank You for planning Your Son to die for me, thank You for Your mercy! I am a rotten sinner and a fool, I don't deserve any of this! You died for me and I long so much for my ENTIRE life to be Yours in return Lord, but I suck! I'm a fool! But still a fool with You is something amazing that I think I have yet to comprehend!

Lord help me to wholeheartedly fall into You! I'm so desperate for ALL of You and I am so tired of the weakness of my flesh!!! Lord, please, I cry out - TAKE ALL OF ME! I love that You long for me, please, I offer myself, take me. I love You, I love You, I love You, I throw myself into Your arms, I love You! Good night.

Oh who am I that Your merciful eyes should fall on me
A sinner a fool, who doesnt deserve You
And what am I that youd offer Your life and die for me
What can I do, Im nothing without You, Im nothing without You
Im nothing without You my love, my saving love

So I fall into You, Im desperate and weak
Crying out from my heart, take all of me

How can it be that the heart of my God would long for me
For all that You do, Jesus I love You, Ill Always Love You
Jesus I love You with all of my heart

Maker of sun and moon and stars
I throw myself into Your arms, into Your arms


godsown said...

A touching song......I pray also to give up ALL


seesawfaith said...

hummmm...I like it. I had not heard it before. Very mellow.

Darlene said...

Love the song! I have never heard before!
Thanks for sharing your heart!

Beth in NC said...

I've never heard that song before. Thanks for sharing it!

Happy TSMSS! Many blessings!

Louise said...

I really enjoy him, he was at a conference I was at in the fall..great music and lyrics :)

shopannies said...

good song I had never heard it before but I like it